Grace Q'nique 16X Elite

The Grace Q’nique 16X Elite, part of the 16X series from the Grace Company, combines the power of a professional longarm with the comfort level of your home sewing machine. Expand your view with a longer reach, easier controls, faster speeds, and a brighter workspace.

Like the Grace Company itself, quality is at the heart of the Q’nique quilting machine.

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  • 10′ Luminess Light Bar
  • Quilter’s Compass Lines and Loops
  • Mini Quilt Clips
  • Quilter’s Combo
  • Single 45mm Rotary Blade
  • Pack of 10 M-Class Bobbin Pack
  • Finesse Thread 8-Pack (Ruby Red, Thicket Brown, Marigold, Magenta, Canyon Shale, Deep Forest, Mauve Orchid, Desert Flower)
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Grace Q’nique 16X Series Video

The Grace Q’nique 16X Elite, part of the 16X series from the Grace Company, combines the power of a professional longarm with the comfort level of your home sewing machine.

With four different stitching modes, and a 7-inch touch screen display, the Q’nique 16X Elite boasts many powerful features to make your quilting easier than ever. And all of the 16X series machines come with a 16″ throat space, meaning you can fit more fabric and quilt larger areas at a time!

Q'nique 16X Series Three Machines

Grace Q’nique 16X Elite Features:

  • 16″ of throat space
  • Increased lighting in the machine throat and bobbin area
  • User-friendly 7″ touchscreen display with included help guides
  • Regulated stitching with four stitching modes
  • Patented edge warning system to help keep your stitches where you want them
  • New bobbin estimator
  • 2,100 stitches per minute
  • Ergonomic handles with simplified two-button layout
  • Redesigned bobbin winder with fill sensors

Adjustable Handles

Fully adjustable handles on the Q’nique 16X Elite makes it so you can direct your machine’s movement however you’d like. The simplified buttons on the handles also allow easy control of your machine’s functions with the touch of a button.

Handles Designed for Comfort

Ergonomic handles help reduce stress to your hands so you can quilt as long as you’d like. Also, each handle has only two buttons, making it simple to control your machine.

Edge Warning™

With the Grace Company’s patented Edge Warning™ system, you can designate your borders and let your Q’nique 16X Elite machine tell you when you get too close. Now you can focus on your stitching worry-free.

Q'nique 16X Adjustable Ergonomic Handles

Precision Control for Perfect Stitches

Never lose control of your stitches again! With stitch regulation and other customizable settings, you make sure your stitches go exactly where and how you want them to.

Superior Stitch Quality

Both the Q’nique 16X and 16X Elite have four stitching modes to give you complete control over the size and speed of your stitches.

Q'nique 16X Needle Closeup

Threading Map

Don’t get lost while threading your machine! A step-by-step threading guide is printed right on the machine itself, making it easier than ever to get your machine ready to work.

Precision Winder

Need to wind a bobbin? No problem! An automatic bobbin winder with fill sensors can help you fill your bobbins correctly the first time, every time.

Q'nique 16X Built-in Automatic Bobbin Winder

Extending Your Ability

Sometimes you just outgrow your space. The Q’nique 16X series gives you a large throat area with 16” of space, meaning you can fit more fabric and quilt larger areas at a time.

Easier Controls

With user-friendly touchscreens and intuitive handle buttons, you can control your machine with the confidence of pro.

Q'nique 16X Elite Easy Touch Screen Controls

Brighter Light

Why quilt in the dark? The Q’nique 16X Series features new lights in the throat of the machine that can brighten both your day and your workspace.

Bobbin Estimator & Light

Each Q’nique 16X series machine has a light in the bobbin area, to make changing the bobbin a breeze!

Plus the 16X Elite includes the new bobbin estimator, removing the guesswork of knowing how much bobbin thread you have left by letting you know when it’s getting low.

Q'nique 16X Bobbin Estimator and LED Lighting

Grace Q’nique 16X Elite Includes:

  • Needles (size 18, 16)
  • Needle magnet
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Hopping foot height tool
  • M class Bobbins (x3)
  • Sample thread kit
  • Oil bottle
  • Lint brush

Grace Q’nique 16X Elite Specifications:

Grace Q’nique 16X Elite Specifications
Bobbin estimator
Bobbin LED
Bobbin winding Automatic
Built-in stitch modes 4 modes
Precise, Cruise, Baste & Manual
Dimensions 23.3″ (W) x 15″ (D) x 30.75″ (H)
Display size 7 inch
Display type Full Color Touch Screen
Edge warning Buzzer & Light
Lighting LED
Maximum sewing speed stitches per minute 2,100
Sewing space right of the needle 16 inches
Throat LED lighting
Throat space height clearance 8.5 inches

Grace Company ensures the quality of materials and workmanship in their products with a limited warranty guarantee.

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