Floriani Embroidery Thread 360 Colors Set

Enjoy the full Floriani Embroidery Thread Palette with all 360 colors of 40 weight thread. Don’t get caught without the right shades, tints or tones of thread to complete your embroidery designs!  Get the excellent results you deserve with this one of a kind thread set. Now you can have the full rainbow spectrum on any of your projects!

  • Beautiful shine
  • Lovely color shades in each color family
  • 100% polyester and is colorfast
  • Bleachable
  • Lint free
  • Perfect for any brand of machine

Get all 360 colors for the full rainbow by bundling 4 sets: the 3 100 spool set to set 1, 2, and 3 and the 60 spool set! Includes: F100TS1-360, F100TS2-360, F100TS3-360 and F60TS-360

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