Embellish Dissolvable Tearaway

Embellish® Dissolvable Tearaway is a light tearaway stabilizer made using a unique “Non-Woven” technique. It is made with a combination of 50% soft tearaway fibers and 50% water-soluble fibers, making it very easy to remove from embroidery and machine decorative stitches. For embroidery, use with light to medium, open airy designs on fabrics such as: cotton, linen, batiste, kitchen flour sack towels, rayon, and silk. It is also available in a fusible and sticky version. Embellish® Dissolvable Tearaway is recommended to be used as a “floater” under the hoop, when used in conjunction with Embellish® Fusible Dissolvable Tearaway, that has been ironed to the back of the woven fabric. If the material cannot be ironed or is too small to be hooped, then we recommend using Embellish® Sticky Tearaway as it’s made from the same 50/50 base.

If out of stock, call your local store to see if they have it in store or can order it for you.

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