Cozy Applique Quilt

A handmade cozy quilt! Create one of your own using this collection that features 20 quilt blocks, including sashing and borders!

Each quilt block uses various blanket stitch appliqués to illustrate the main elements of the nature-inspired design, while decorative embroidery will finish off each design. To give your quilt an even cozier feel, try using fabrics such as wool, felt, fleece, or minky for extra layers of warmth!

To keep the cozy look and feel of the fabrics seen throughout this quilt, each appliqué has been finished off with a blanket stitch edge, ensuring they’re secure while still having that homespun look we love.

Each block in this collection comes in 6 different sizes, allowing it to pair perfectly with any of our other Mix & Match Collections.”

If out of stock, please contact your local store to see if they can order it for you.

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