Pre-loved Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X

Be your own Boss! The Most Innovative 10-Needle Home and Small Business Embroidery Machine!

Take a closer look at the revolutionary Brother PR1055X, a highly powerful and efficient 10-needle embroidery machine, but with the ease-of-use and reliability that only Brother can provide. The PR1055X raises the bar within the industry for embroidery enthusiasts, crafters and home-based entrepreneurs. The Brother PR1055X comes equipped with some of the most powerful design and editing capabilities ever built into a multi-needle embroidery machine. Just when you think you’ve reached the limits of creative freedom, look again…

This machine was traded in by customer and has been thoroughly gone through by our service technicians. It come with a one year parts and labor warranty, qualifies for our one year upgrade program and free shipping with in the contiguous United States. The warranty does not include shipping costs to and from our service center.

*Machine is guaranteed to have basic necessities but may be missing some of the original parts that came with the machine. This may include: bobbins, seam rippers, screwdrivers or any other nonessential items.

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Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X Video

Be your own Boss! The most innovative 10-needle home and small business embroidery Machine.

Let your imagination and creativity run wild with this creative powerhouse that’s an incredible workhorse, too. The Brother PR1055X allows you to get right down to business with 10-needle speed, auto threading and color sorting. Keep track of your embroidery with the My Stitch Monitor mobile app on your iOS or Android device. Perfect for your Creative Side and Perfect for your Business Side.

Perfect Embroidery Placement

Did you know that the Brother Entrpreneur Pro X and the Baby Lock Venture have a camera built into the machine? Watch how this useful feature can be used to place your embroidery designs in a specific area – even if the hooping isn’t great!

Embroidery Design Connection by InnovEye Plus Technology

Thanks to the InnovEye Plus Technology, embroidery design connection is easy and more precise. Combined with the Snowman Embroidery Positioning Marker, you can reposition your design many times in many directions. Perfect for aligning designs for borders and quilt blocks.

Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X

High Speed Background Scanning

It’s like having a built-in camera and scanner! The ability to scan the entire embroidery area provides virtually endless creative options and helps ensure that all your projects are perfect. Precisely place your design exactly where you want it every time. Just scan your fabric or garment, preview your design on screen, and you’re ready to embroider.

Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X

Custom Draw

Draw or doodle directly on the LCD display and watch it spring to life in the large drawing area. Or, use the industry-first ScanImation Scanning Frame to scan drawings, line art, handwriting or printed clip art, and have it transformed into embroidery data.

Snowman Embroidery Positioning Marker

Pair with InnovEye Plus Technology to automatically position the design for precise embroidery placement. Choose from nine options for alignment of embroidery designs.

Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X

Expandable Library of Built-in Tutorial Videos

Built-in HD tutorials make learning easy! View 29 tutorial videos directly on the high-definition LCD display, or stream your own creations using the industry standard MP4 format.

Expansive Embroidery Area of 14″ x 8″

Perfect for large projects, including quilts and jacket backs. Includes four sizes of embroidery frames: 14″ x 8″, 5″ x 7″, 4″ x 4″, 2″ x 1.5″. The machine will automatically detect the size of the hoop needed.

Notification Feature

There’s no downtime with an important notification system, so you can be super productive. White lights under the needles flash to indicate project completion and thread changes or breaks.

Fast Embroidery Speeds

Embroider up to 1,000 stitches per minute in just seven seconds flat with industry-leading high-speed acceleration.

Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X

10-Needle Auto Threading

Makes threading simple! As the only multi-needle machine with a built-in automatic needle threading system, you’ll thread each needle in seconds – with just the touch of a button!

Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X automatic needle threading

Optional Magnetic Sash Frame

Embroider thick materials with ease with the Patent-Pending Brother-Exclusive Hoopnetic Magnetic Sash Frame. Hoop and avoid fabric shifting and the need to rehoop the fabric when connecting designs.

Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X Magnetic Sash Frame

Optional Tubular Frame Table for Added Support of Big Projects

Embroider easily on sleeves, pants, and other tubular items. Serves as extra support for big fabrics. Easily folds down for storage when not in use.

Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X tubular frame

Patent-Pending Industry-First ‘Scratch-Free’ Flat Brim Cap Frame

Embroider more types of hats than before with the easy-to-use ‘scratch-free’ cap frame. You can stitch an industry leading 35% closer to the brim (6-10mm), depending on the cap.

Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X flat brim cap frame

Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X Features:

  • 10-needle embroidery machine with automatic needle threading
  • InnovEye 2 Technology with high-speed background scanning – 5x faster than prior models
  • InnovEye 2 Technology now for use, with optional Cap and Cylinder Frames
  • Virtual Design Preview feature to superimpose your design on your project without scanning
  • Industry-first My Design Center offers new design capabilities all without a PC
  • Industry-first ScanImation Scanning frame to scan line art or handwriting, with opportunity to convert into embroidery data.
  • Outline recognition to easily add stipple and fill patterns to an embroidery design
  • Add details to any project with inside & outside auto stipple, along with fill patterns
  • Go wireless with the included BES 4 Dream Edition Software
  • Powerful onscreen embroidery editing
  • Color Sort feature to cut down on thread changes, when combining designs
  • New easy appliqué feature with ability to create multiple appliqués in one hoop
  • Large 10.1″ built-in high definition LCD display with large, more defined icons and scrolling menu
  • Smart stitch management with progress bar and direct stitch entry to pin-point the exact stitch
  • 699 built-in embroidery designs; 8 monogramming font styles, 140 frame pattern combinations and 37 lettering fonts.

Brother PR1055X Feature Video

Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X Specifications:

Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X Specifications
Automatic thread cutter
Built-in memory
Display type LCD
LCD display size 5.3″ X 8.5″
Lighting type LED
Memory card reader
Mouse capability by USB
Needle threading system Automatic
Number of USB ports 2
Realistic preview
Stitch selector type Touchscreen
Thread sensor Bobbin sensor, Upper thread sensor
Thread sensor on/off
Thread tension Manual
Wide table included

All Brother products include a standard limited warranty ensuring the mechanical and electrical components.

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