Plus Upgrade for Bernina 770 QE

More Features, More Accessories, More Creativity

  • For B 765, B 770 QE (including Anniversary Edition & Tula Pink Special Edition)
  • New BSR 3 Mode and KickStart Function
  • Compatible with New Embroidery Module Technology (SDT)
  • New Embroidery Designs, Stitches and Alphabets
  • New Adjustable Ruler Foot with Slit #72S and Couching Inserts Included

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Plus Upgrade for Bernina 770 QE Video

Pinpoint placement and Lock function

  • Place your design exactly
  • Lock your designs during positioning
  • Professionally positioned designs

Place your design on the fabric exactly where you want it quickly and precisely. The new Lock function will help maintain the size of the design while you position it.

Group/Ungroup and rearrange designs

  • Group or Ungroup designs
  • Rearrange designs
  • Both functions can be combined

Combine designs to edit all at one time with the Group feature. Break apart designs to edit individually using the Ungroup feature. Change the stitch out sequence of design layers. Use Rearrange in combination with Group and Ungroup for further editing possibilities.

Plus Upgrade Group and Ungroup Design Editing

Quilting in the Hoop and new designs

  • Create quilt patterns through embroidery
  • Over 130 new embroidery designs
  • Two new embroidery fonts

Browse through the unique, built-in design collection, complete with beautifully patterned quilt blocks and continuous line quilting designs all done in embroidery. Furthermore, the PLUS Upgrade includes over 130 new embroidery designs and two new embroidery fonts.

Plus Upgrade for Bernina 770 QE Hoop Quilting

Two included accessories

  • Adjustable Ruler Foot with Slit #72S
  • Couching Inserts

The new Adjustable Ruler Foot with Slit #72S is designed for quilters who often switch between rulerwork and free-motion quilting. In combination with the Couching Inserts, it can be used to add couching embellishments to your quilting and embroidery.

Plus Upgrade for Bernina 770 QE Included Accessories

Embroidery benefits through the upgrade

  • Makes your machine compatible with the new Embroidery Module
  • Faster, quieter and smoother embroidery
  • Increased stitch quality

The new BERNINA Smart Drive Technology (SDT) Module elevates your embroidery experience with enhanced stitch quality, smoother and quieter movement and up to 55% higher embroidery speed.

Plus Upgrade for Bernina 770 QE Smart Drive Technology

New sewing and quilting features

  • New sewing stitches and alphabets
  • BSR 3 Mode for easy quilt basting
  • Triple Stitch Function

The Plus Upgrade for Bernina 770 QE features the Triple Stitch Function, which is perfect for bold decorative stitches. Choose from over 200 new built-in sewing stitches and two new sewing alphabets. With the BSR 3 Mode, you will be able to set your stitch length to 2 or 4 stitches per inch for easy quilt basting. The KickStart function allows quilting in a continuous sewing mode without having to keep the foot control constantly pressed.

Plus Upgrade New Features

Plus Upgrade for Bernina 770 QE Tutorial

Before you start

The Plus Upgrade for Bernina 770 QE must first be purchased from a RMSV location. This upgrade is compatible with the Bernina B 765, B 770 QE, B 770 QE E, B 770 QE Tula Pink Special Edition, and B 770 QE Anniversary Edition.

Once you have the upgrade kit and a compatible Bernina machine, simply click on the button below to fully unlock your Plus Upgrade!

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All Bernina machines are backed by a warranty ensuring the mechanical and electrical components of the machine in case of any fault.

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