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Simplicity Vacuums

Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum is an authorized dealer of Simplicity vacuums. Actually, Simplicity vacuums aren’t simple. They are more complicated than most – from the inside, anyway. But that’s for Simplicity to worry about. You just care about clean floors. And they care about that, too. That’s why they don’t just make fancy vacuums. They make clean, simple.

We welcome you to stop in any Denver area or Colorado Springs location to let us show just how great a vacuum can be. You will be amazed at the difference between your current vacuum and a Simplicity. Vacuuming may even become a chore you look forward too!

Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum is proud to offer you these Simplicity Vacuums:

Simplicity S65 Cordless

Quick, easy and versatile, the lightweight Cordless Multi-Use Vacuum.

Simplicity Jill

A spunky, lightweight little canister.

Simplicity Freedom S10E

Lightweight and effortless to use.

Simplicity Symmetry S20E

Cleans carpet to ceiling.

Simplicity Flash

600-watt handheld.

Simplicity S20PET

Pet Bagless upright.

Simplicity Pixie

Rounds up debris in one fell swoop.

Simplicity S20EZM

Great value HEPA media vacuum.

Simplicity A-Go-Go

Effortlessly navigates tight corners and narrow spaces.

Simplicity Spiffy Broom S60

Simple but powerful.