Riccar Vacuums

Riccar Vacuums are a nationally prominent brand recognized for American made quality, long lasting upright vacuums. Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum is an authorized dealer of this American Company headquartered in Missouri. Riccar uprights are American made with globally sourced parts.

You’ll find Riccar combines revolutionary technology with “tried and true” designs to create vacuums which have  extraordinary cleaning performance. Rather than a huge marketing budget, Riccar invests its money and passion on design efforts that feature quality material, outstanding cleaning power, as well as durability, exceptional filtration, and unique specialty features. Riccar is featured at all our Denver area and Colorado Springs vacuum stores. Let our staff take you on a tour of Riccar vacuums today.

Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum is proud to offer you these Riccar Vacuums:

Riccar R40P Radiance Premium

Premium features and the highest level of particle and odor filtration

Riccar R30D Brilliance Deluxe

Features the revolutionary Tandem Air System and multi-stage filtration.

Riccar SupraLite R17 Premium

Designed for today’s carpet styles and busy families.

Riccar SupraLite R10CV Cordless

Cordless, powerful cleaning for carpet and bare floors, plus a HEPA media bag.

Riccar SupraLite R10P Premium

Perfect for carpet and bare floor cleaning, this lightweight vacuum features a HEPA media bag and a lifetime belt.

Riccar R25 Premium Pet

A world-class cleaning experience on bare floors to plush carpets and everything in between.

Riccar R25 Deluxe

Powerful cleaning to combat allergies plus advanced design that makes it a delight to use.

Riccar R25 Standard

Reliable cleaning performance on all types of floors, plus maneuverability and reach at a great value.

Riccar SupraLite R10S Standard

With a HEPA media bag and fast and powerful multi-floor cleaning, there's nothing standard about this SupraLite.

Riccar SupraLite R10E Entry

Just eight pounds and only the features you need for superb carpet cleaning.

Riccar Roam Cordless Broom

Roam from room to room without being tied down by a cord.

Riccar Supraquick Portable Canister

A portable canister vacuum that's perfect for cleaning bare floors, stairs, rugs and autos.

Riccar Gem Handheld

Vacuum small messes quickly with this mighty micro vacuum.

Model R40P Premium Radiance

The Premium Radiance R40P is Riccar’s top of the line upright.  This model features Riccar’s patented “Tandem Air Technology” which uses 2 motors to pull the really deep down dirt and allergens from your carpet and floors.  You will also appreciate this model’s 7 layer filtration which includes a charcoal filter and a sealed HEPA system.  Another handy feature is the “Head’s Up” dirt sensor which shines light where deep down dirt is hiding in your carpet!  Plus you will really value the 8 year warranty on this model!

Other great features of this powerful model:

  • Lifetime Belt
  • Bright LED Headlights – 2 Rows to really light up your cleaning path!
  • 40ft cord
  • Telescopic wand with 17ft reach allows you to get up high
  • 3 rows of  replaceable brushstrips
  • Indicator lights to let you know when it’s time to change the bag and filter
  • Surface selector switch located on the handle easily allows you to change from carpet to floor cleaning
  • 8 year warranty includes 3 home visits

Riccar Model R30D Brilliance Deluxe

The R30D Brilliance Deluxe also features the patented “Tandem Air Technology” system plus a multi layer sealed HEPA filtration.  You will appreciate this vacuum includes features found on more expensive models such as a longer cord and lifetime belt.   You know it’s a quality vacuum with it’s 6 year warranty.

More features of this vacuum include:

  • Telescopic aluminum wand allows you to easily use the included tools
  • Bright LED headlights to illuminate your cleaning path
  • 6 stage filtration including charcoal filter and self sealing HEPA
  • 4oft cord
  • 6 position carpet height adjustment plus replaceable brushstrips
  • Bag indicator light lets you know when the bag needs changing

This mid priced upright vacuum will really impress you.  Let our staff at any one of our vacuum stores in the Denver or Colorado Springs area demonstrate this model for you today!

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Model R17 Supralite Premium

You will be surprised with all the features in this powerful yet lightweight vacuum!  Lifetime Belt, extra long cord, plus self sealing HEPA system are only a few of this vacuums highlights!  Despite its lightweight, this upright will really impress you with its thorough cleaning ability!

Noteworthy features include:

  • 40ft cord
  • Rubber wheels plus bumpers in order to protect your furniture and baseboards
  • Metal brushroll with replaceable brushstips
  • Squeegee included for your bare floor cleaning needs
  • Hard case outer bag with self sealing HEPA media bag
  • 5 year warranty plus Riccar’s Red Carpet service
  • Only weighs 9lbs making it very easy for you to carry up and down stairs

Riccar also makes quality canister and specialty vacuums for your cleaning needs.  Please come in to any Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum location in Arvada, Aruora, Colorado Springs, or Littleton so you can see the full line of Riccar vaccums.

We also service and most makes and models of vacuums.