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Ready to have your own sewing “she cave”? Want quality, solid wood cabinetry in it? Want cabinets and tables built to fit perfectly in your sewing space? If so, you really need to check out Unique Sewing Furniture.

Unique Sewing Furniture is designed and built with three goals in mind:

  • first to be functional
  • second to be a quality piece of furniture
  • third to make sewing, quilting and embroidery work comfortable.

They work with experienced sewists to understand the exact needs for someone who is sewing, quilting, and/or embroidering.

Take a look at this video and see first hand just a few of the pieces of sewing furniture and special features available.


Everything from cutting tables, to storage cabinets, to sewing cabinets are built with functionality in mind.

Sewing Cabinets

Unique Sewing Furniture sewing cabinet

Unique Sewing Furniture’s cabinets are made to fit your particular sewing/embroidery machine. They make cabinets that fit most high end models of sewing and embroidery machines and can customize any cabinet to suit your particular needs.

Quilters: need your sewing machine bed to be even with the cabinet top? These cabinets are custom made with inserts to fit your exact sewing machine so you have an even, flat surface when sewing.

Embroiders: Unique Sewing Furniture’s line of cabinets are the only ones on the market today that will hold the embroidery module in a true flat bed position.

Accommodate your serger in one of their cabinets and still have room to the left of the machine as you serge your project. Plus, adjust the platform for your particular serger.

Unique Sewing Furniture serger cabinet

Storage Cabinets

Four drawers, five drawers, narrow or wide — you have a variety of choices for storage cabinets from Unique Sewing Furniture. In addition, you can pick “under cabinets” that will fit under a cutting table, or under a cabinet leaf.

Need to store thread? How about some dividers in drawers that keep your thread upright and separated and easy to see? Oh, see and use the full depth of the drawers as they are on full extension slides.

Cutting Tables

Need to cut fabric? Unique Sewing Furniture’s cutting tables are just the thing. I have one of those wobbly cutting tables made of particle board. I think I’m in the market for one of these beauties!

Armoire Style

This cutting cabinet closes to 25 1/8” x 40” but extends to 48” x 40” when needed. It has 5 large drawers and one cubby with two hoop storage roll outs.

Drop Leaf Style

Need a bigger cutting table? Their multi purpose work station is one of the largest and gives you a huge 40″ x 78″ of work surface. It also folds to a sleek 23″ x 40″ for storage. Pass thru drawers, make sure you’re never on the wrong side of the table.

Unique Sewing Furniture Cutting Table


Here are just a few of the features that make Quality Sewing Furniture the best quality sewing furniture you can buy!

  • No particle board! (Except for tops made of melamine)
  • Pro Core Rift veneers and solid woods from eco-friendly sources give the cabinets a beautiful, professional finish.
  • Glue and screws keep all interior construction together.
  • With a top coating that is non-yellowing, and water and chemical resistant, these cabinets are finished beautifully.
  • All drawers are finished inside and out. This means no catching or snagging.
  • English dovetails join the drawer parts together.
  • Soft close, full extension ball bearing slides give extra support and functionality to the drawers.
  • Solid wood cleats provide support for the screwed-in casters.
  • Unique Sewing Furniture uses full 2″ piano hinges for all of their drop leafs.
  • One or two solid wood swing-out legs on each side support the table leafs.
  • Life-time warranty


Imagine yourself sitting and sewing at a perfectly-sized cabinet. No neck strain for looking up or down unnecessarily. No back ache from working at the wrong height.

Unique Sewing Furniture designs their cabinets so the user always sits, directly in front of the machine, for direct eye-to-eye contact.

They also make chairs that are just the right height, have a cushioned seat and storage in the seat.

Unique Sewing Furniture chair storage


Their motto is, “If You Can Dream It, We Can Build It.” This means that their cabinets, storage centers, tables, etc. are completely customizable.

Want four drawers instead of two under the cutting table? Just ask and they’ll make that happen.

Want a particular color or finish on your cabinet? Just ask and they’ll make that happen. They might even make it pink for you!

pink and white sewing cabinet

Need your cabinet a slightly different size than the standard? Just ask and they’ll build it to your specifications.

Unique Sewing Furniture fits their products to fit you and your available sewing space. No other sewing cabinet company will do that. So if you’re short or tall, or in between, they can build their sewing furniture to fit you and your tastes.

Unique Sewing Furniture Will Ship and Deliver Just About Anywhere!

Come in or call us at any of our Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum locations, and we’ll work with you and Unique Sewing Furniture to design your dream cabinet(s). We can then make arrangements for shipping and delivery of these wonderful cabinets that will make your sewing space into a “she cave”!

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