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by Cathy Ellsaesser, posted on

Bubba Gump may have different types of shrimp, but let’s talk about thread! You’ve got embroidery thread, quilting thread, sewing thread, serger thread, bobbin thread, invisible thread, metallic thread, fusible thread, wash away thread, solar-active thread, glow-in-the -dark thread, variegated thread, heavy-duty thread, and micro thread. You’ve got thread from Floriani, thread from Embellish, thread from Madeira, thread from Sulky, thread from Signature, thread from … So, guess what our Get Sew Organized challenge is for February. Yep, that’s right, it’s thread organization.

Anybody only have a dozen or so spools of thread? Anybody have all of the 300+ Floriani colors? I, for one, have hundreds of spools of thread, different colors, different uses. I’ve tried all manner of storage and organization. The tangled web of thread at my house is getting better, but still needs some work.

So we’re bringing in to the stores several notions that will help you organize your thread and meet the thread organization challenge.

Cone and Spool Thread

Super Satchel Thread Box w/Trays

Photo of ArtBin box for thread for February thread challenge

Great new way to store your Floriani embroidery thread! The Artbin storage box holds two thread trays specifically designed to securely hold your thread either at the base or the top of the spool. Each tray holds 18 spools, so you have storage for 36 spools in one compact unit.

Additional trays can be ordered.

Thread Tray for Serger Spools

Store your serger thread cones on this sturdy base with easy to insert prongs. Depending on size this tray holds a minimum of 25 and up to 50 serger thread spools.

Sew Stack Thread Spool Kit

Photo of Sew Stack box for thread storage

A modern storage system for bobbins and thread spools. Each spool tray holds 16 standard sized thread spools. Contains 2 spool trays and a lid. Add trays as needed.

RNK Thread Storage Box

Whether you’re traveling to a class or a retreat or if you just want to keep your favorite threads handy for anytime you’re on the move, RNK Distributing has a handy thread carrier.

 This sturdy plastic storage case accommodates up to 30 cones of thread and has two locking drawers to ensure that they don’t slide open in transit and spill their contents. Each drawer comes with a removable spool spindle tray that makes it easy to slide a cone over the spindle and hold it securely in place.

Once you’re ready to sew, simply remove the thread spindle tray from the drawer, and easily get to whichever color of thread you need. A carrying handle also makes it easy to transport.

Because the carrier is stackable, it’s ideal for at home storage to keep cones away from dust, dirt, or other contaminants.

Keep Those Thread Ends in Place

Most spools of thread have some sort of locking mechanism for the end of the thread to keep it from unwinding off the spool. If, however, you have some thread spools that you can’t “tame” there are a couple of tools to help.

Thread Peels

Keep your thread spools from unwinding. These Gypsy Quilter thread peels are made of rubber that adjust to any spool diameter.

Hugo’s Amazing Tape

After a happy accident at a print shop one day Hugo Maisnik turned a plastic spill into an amazing tape that stretches, wraps and pulls, holding almost anything together with ease. It’s called Hugo’s Amazing Tape. Wrap this non-adhesive, self-clinging transparent tape around spools of thread, and no more loose ends.


Bobbins are the Legos of the sewing world. You don’t want to step on one! Keep them organized with some of the notions below.

Double Sided Bobbin Box with 50 Bobbins

Photo of 2 sided bobbin box for February Thread Challenge

If you have a Brother embroidery machine or other machine that uses size 15 bobbins, this bobbin box is for you. This handy plastic organizer for machine bobbins comes filled with 50 plastic bobbins in assorted colors. The double-sided box is completely spill-proof with strong front latches closure.

Bobbin Saver

Photo of three round bobbin savers in lavender, red and blue

BobbinSaver™ Bobbin Holder holds metal or plastic bobbins of all different sizes! Shaped like half of a bagel and hollowed out, it is made of flexible rubbery plastic that expands to receive the bobbin and promptly snugs up around it. Threads won’t tangle or unwind. BobbinSaver™ comes in different “flavors” and holds over 20 bobbins securely.

Grabbit Bobbin Saver 2

It’s hip to be square, and the square cousin to the original Grabbit BobbinSaver snugly holds 66 metal or plastic bobbins in red pliable plastic channels. The channels are sized for regular home sewing bobbins (class 15 and L).

There is also a jumbo size that holds up to 70 bobbins including size M and Bernina bobbins.

Photo of square bobbin savers for February thread challenge

Handi Quilter Bobbin Box

If you need class M bobbin storage for your long arm quilting machine, then check out the Handi Quilter’s bobbin box. This slim line box holds 30 bobbins snugly in a foam insert.

Photo of Handi Quilter bobbin box

The Gypsy Quilter Bobbini Bobbin Holders

Keep your bobbins and matching thread together with the Bobbinis bobbin holder. Made of rubber that adjusts to most any spool diameter. Works with type A-class 15, L, and M type bobbins.

The Gypsy Quilter Bobbin Buddies

Bobbin Buddies bobbin clips keep your bobbin and matching thread together. Works for most thread spools and bobbins. Squeeze the ends together, slide on bobbin and thread spool.

Keep Those Thread Ends in Place

The Gypsy Quilter Tulip Clamp

Keep your bobbin thread from unwinding with this clever Tulip shaped bobbin clamp. Made of rubber and works with type A-Class 15 and L bobbins.

Brother Bobbin Clips

For your machines that use class 15 bobbins, we have some prewound Brother bobbins that come with bobbin clips. Alternatively, you can just pick up the clips by themselves and secure the thread in bobbins you already have.


Get 30% off these thread organization tools at our stores with this coupon.

30% off coupon for February Thread Challenge

Notions Available Online

All notions available for the Get Sew Organized monthly challenges to date are available online under Products/Sewing Notions/Cathy’s Blog Shop. Products are discounted 30% off, and we’re offering free shipping for a limited time.

Please note, some items may be out of stock, and have to be ordered from our distributors. Someone from the store will let you know if this is the case.

Get The Tools, Get Started Organizing

So pick up/order some of these great thread organization aids at your local Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum store and get started on this month’s “Get Sew Organized” challenge.

We’d love to see a before and after picture of your efforts taming all that thread. So post one or more pictures here in the comments below, on our Facebook page, or on our Instagram. Please use BOTH the hashtags #RMSVthreadchallenge and #RMSVGetSewOrganized when you post on Instagram. That way, we can find you when you post, and enter your name in the drawing for the $100 gift card to be awarded in early March after the Thread Organization challenge closes.

All photos must be posted by March 1, 2020 for the February Thread Challenge. And remember, if you use of the the products we have in the stores for this challenge and include that product in your picture, your name will be entered twice for the drawing.

For all details on the 2020 Get Sew Organized challenge, checkout my previous blog.

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