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Tailormade Furniture

Tailormade Philosophy

At Tailormade, they know that having the right sewing work surface is important to you. So, they’ve designed all of their sewing cabinets with your needs in mind. Tailormade furniture is designed to be comfortable and functional, and to provide you a quality product at an exceptional value.

Choose from a range of sturdy sewing and crafting furniture, available in white and teak finishes to complement your home. We offer a range of configurations from the space-saving Compact sewing table to the spacious Quilter’s Vision, Eclipse and Cutting Table to make your dream hobby room a reality—no matter what your space constraints.

Why choose Tailormade?

Tailormade’s specialty is sewing furniture. Specifically, sewing furniture that offers optimal storage for sewing, created just for you.

Every sewing and crafts enthusiast is different. So, they offer four sewing cabinets along with extras such as storage inserts for accessories and notions, height adjustments and left or right configuration to enhance your unique hobby experience. Some of their sewing cabinets fold down for easier storage—perfect for tight spaces. Plus, this modern furniture can be built upon and configured to create a sewing space that’s thoroughly you!

Please visit one of our four Colorado Sewing Furniture locations to see our selection of Tailormade Sewing Furniture or to work with one of our employees to create that perfect sewing room for your home.