Get Sew Organized February Challenge: Thread

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Blog image of tangled thread for February Thread Challenge

Bubba Gump may have different types of shrimp, but let’s talk about thread! You’ve got embroidery thread, quilting thread, sewing thread, serger thread, bobbin thread, invisible thread, metallic thread, fusible thread, wash away thread, solar-active thread, glow-in-the -dark thread, variegated thread, heavy-duty thread, and micro thread. You’ve got thread from Floriani, thread from Embellish, thread […]

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Sewing Thread – You Can’t Stitch Without It!

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Sewing Thread This week we will take a look at sewing thread.  Remember-Look for the Blog Reader’s only coupon for a special discount on all thread at Rocky Mountain Sewing. Thread is the most important piece of any sewing project.  It’s the “glue” that holds your project together. Beyond holding it all together, thread is also a […]

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