So Much to Admire: the PFAFF® admire™ air 7000

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Imagine a complement to a sewing machine that has a one-touch electronic air threading system, coupled with a color touchscreen display, and exceptional illumination. In addition, it allows the sewist to keep both hands on any size project. Plus, imagine a machine that calibrates the thread tension for every stitch automatically. Oh, also throw in the fact that it is a 5 thread overlock and coverlock machine. The PFAFF® admire™ air 7000 coverlock machine makes the perfect offering all of these features.

The admire™ air 7000 is a truly magnificent overlock and cover stitch model with color touchscreen, automatic electronic air looper threading, coupled with built in needle threaders. There are no limits to what you can sew, because it’s both an overlock and cover stitch machine.

Features of the PFAFF® admire™air

Specifically, new features include: sleeve arm, color touch screen, touch button looper threading, 5-thread safety stitch, extension table, electronic speed control, built in needle threaders, fabric trim catcher and much more.

Whoosh! One-Touch Electronic Air-Threading Loopers

The admire™ air 7000 uses air to blast the thread through the loopers for super fast threading through both loopers. The one touch electronic air threading loopers effortlessly thread the machine loopers with a simple touch of a button.

Color Touch Screen

The admire™ air 7000 uses the very latest full color screen which makes setting up stitches quicker. Select your stitch, and, then, optimal thread tensions, recommended stitch length, and more are set automatically.

Pfaff admire air 7000 screen

Free Arm

The free arm provides easy access for smaller projects like cuffs, hems, and children’s clothing. Use it for overlocking or cover stitch hemming.

Pfaff admire air 7000 free arm

Knee Lift

Also included is a knee lift to raise and lower the presser foot, allowing you to keep both hands on your project – especially helpful when working with larger projects and difficult-to-handle fabrics.

knee lift

Auto Tension

Automatic tension gives you the optimal result for every stitch. You also have the ability to fine tune the tension for special techniques, threads or fabrics.

26 Stitches

The PFAFF® admire™ air 7000 one-touch electronic air-threading coverlock machine offers a wide range of stitches for both utility and decorative sewing. The 5/4/3/2 thread stitch capability provides 26 different stitch options for a wide range of stitch techniques. The admire™ air 7000 provides lots of overlocking or cover stitch techniques for every project.

Pfaff admire™ air 7000 stitches

A Word About Cover Stitches

The admire™ air 7000 offers several cover stitch options: Triple cover stitch, and double cover stitches in both wide and narrow. Accordingly, these are great for hemming, construction techniques, decorative stitching and more. In addition, there is a chain stitch for construction and embellishing.

Extension Table Included

Large, level work surface provides 12″ (30cm) of additional space. In addition, there is a series of evenly spaced pin holes integrated into the table’s surface. These accommodate the included pivot pin for circular stitching.

Extenstion table

More Features of the admire™ air 7000

Physical features

  • Built to Last — A reinforced frame makes this machine stable for all types of sewing, from lightweight to heavy — even at top speed of 1300spm.
  • Large C-Space — At 64mm high and 123mm wide, there is ample room when overlocking larger projects.
  • Lighting — Exceptional illumination of the sewing area provides optimal visibility.
  • Built-In Tweezer and Scissors Holder — Tweezers and scissors have their special spot with built-in holders on the thread guide.
  • Stitch Safety Lock — Machine will not sew if front cover is open or if presser foot is raised.
  • Threading Guides for a Wide Range of Thread Types — Thread guides accommodate standard weight overlock thread or heavier decorative threads with ease.
  • Extra Presser Foot Height – Easily accommodate thicker layers and heavyweight fabrics.
  • Universal Standard Presser Foot – Use the Universal Standard Presser Foot with all of the machine’s stitches.
  • Built-In 2-Thread Converter — Convert to 2-thread sewing mode quickly and easily.
  • Integrated Thread Cutter – Quickly and easily trim your thread chain.
  • Movable Upper Cutter – Disengage the upper cutter for specialty techniques.
  • Waste Tray – Attachable waste tray catches fabric trimmings.
  • Soft Grip Hand Wheel – The soft grip hand wheel provides optimal comfort and control.
  • Carry Handle – Conveniently transport your coverlock machine.
Using the Admire air 7000

Electronic features

  • Stitch Memory — Save personal stitch settings for future use.
  • Speed Control — Set the maximum speed as desired so you can sew with confidence.
  • Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure — Ensure smooth fabric feed for a wide range of fabric thicknesses.
  • Differential Feed — Create perfectly even seams with no distortion.
  • Electronic Piercing Power — Have stitch-by-stitch control with full piercing power at all speeds.
  • Adjustable Stitch Length — Set stitch length for various fabrics and techniques.
  • Adjustable Cutting Width – Sew neat edges on a wide range of fabric types.
  • Tension Release – Threads pull easily when presser foot is up.

Accessories Included

See all that’s inside the box in detail by watching Megan unbox the admire™ air 7000

Admire air accessories
  • Adjustable Cutting Width
  • Extra Presser Foot Height
  • Snap-On Presser Feet
  • Universal Standard Presser Foot
  • Tension Release
  • Integrated Thread Cutter
  • Movable Upper Cutter
  • Waste Tray
  • Soft Grip Handwheel
  • Carry Handle

Also, sewists can choose from the wide variety of optional accessories for creative possibilities, e.g a beading foot, gathering foot, piping foot and more.

Come in and “admire” the admire™ air!

All in all, the PFAFF® admire™ air 7000 one-touch air-threading coverlock machine has great ease-of-use features. Consequently, it provides beautiful results. Further, with all of the premium capabilities you want in a top-of-the-line coverlock, it’s the perfect complement to your sewing machine.

So, if you are serious about sewing, consider adding the PFAFF® admire™ air 7000 coverlock machine to your sewing studio.

Check out our video where Megan shows you just how easy it is to thread and use. Then, stop in to any one of our Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum locations and take one for a test drive.


Cathy Ellsaesser

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I bought the admire last week and I’m not getting good overlock results. I’m using various fabrics. I have to adjust tensions on all my stitches. Is that normal?

Cathy Ellsaesser

Did you order online or in the store?

Claudia Strong

So when can I expect the one I ordered to be delivered.