Pressing Issues: The Singer Steam Presses

by Cathy Ellsaesser, posted on

Are you making facemasks to help fight the COVID-19 virus? ( Check out my previous blog for some instructions on sewing facemasks.) Want to iron several pieces of fabric all at once? Are you using your iron to fuse interfacing to the fabric you’re using for the masks? Well, if so, how about a steam press to make this task go quickly?

Photo of the 36", 26" and 20" Singer Steam presses side by side comparison

I’ve been making facemasks in-the-hoop using the Kimberbell pattern. I stack several layers of fabric on surface of the press, and get out wrinkles all at once. After pressing, the 36″ press makes quick work of fusing the interfacing to the fabric. Fuse interfacing or fleece or webbing to one long piece of fabric or several smaller pieces at a time. What a time saver! In addition, the bond of the interfacing to the fabric is excellent.

The Singer presses comes in three sizes to fit your space and your budget: the 36″ Intelligent Pro, the 26″ Intelligent Pro, and the 20″ Professional Steam Press. So what size do you need?

36″ Singer Intelligent Pro Steam Press

I really can’t say enough good things about this press. Granted, it’s not as big as an ironing board, but you are pressing with the equivalent of 14 irons all a the same time (over 400 in2 of pressing surface)! Garments look like they were sent to the dry cleaners, but without harmful chemicals.

Need steam? The 36″ press provides professional steam output at a steam rate of 80 g/min from the 300 ml tank for distilled water. It is amazing! Wrinkles, be gone!

In a hurry? The press heats up to the nylon setting in under two minutes. In addition, with 5 heat settings, it can press a variety of fabrics, from delicate nylon to linen.

Take a look at the features in action:

Watch as I press a 52 x 104″ table cloth using the 36″ Singer Steam Press.

26″ Singer Intelligent Pro Steam Press

26 inch Intelligent Pro Press

This press has all the features of the 36″ press, but it’s just smaller. It still has professional steam output (70 g/min.), 5 settings for a variety of fabrics, and makes great grilled cheese. Oops! Scratch that last part. I’m pretty sure using it as a panini maker will void the warranty!

20″ Professional Steam Press

20 inch Singer Professional press top view

If you are really tight on space and budget, then you can still have a quality press at a great price. The 20″ Professional press offers many of the same features as its big sisters:

  • 20″ Non-stick Pressing Surface
  • Non-Stick Pressing Surface Heats up to Nylon Setting in less than 2 minutes
  • Professional Steam Output – Continuous Steam and On-Demand Burst of Steam
  • Automatic Shut Off

Optional Stands

Each of the Singer Steam Presses has a companion stand available at a great price.

What Are You Waiting For?

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