Daylight Lighting

photo of daylight slimline 3 lamp above sewing machine on table

The Daylight Company is the leading market innovator in specialty lighting in the art, needlework, craft, low vision, health & beauty and industrial sectors in Europe, the USA and Australia. Established in London in 1987, the business developed following the recognition that artists and needleworkers needed quality lighting in their working environments.

Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum is proud to carry these Daylight lamps:

Daylight Luminos

Daylight Lumi Task Lamp

Daylight Slimline 3 Led Floor Lamp

Daylight Slimline 3 Led Table Lamp

Daylight Magnificent Floor And Table Lamp

Daylight Smart Lamp D40

Daylight Sewing Machine Lamp

Daylight DuoLamp Clamp

Daylight Clip On Travel Lamp

Daylight Smart Travel Light

Daylight Halo Magnifier 8D

Daylight Halo Magnifier

Daylight Yoyo Magnifier

Daylight Wafer 3 Light Box 24X18

Daylight Wafer 2 Light Box

Daylight Wafer 1 Light Box

Daylight Wafer 3 Cutting Mat

Daylight Wafer 2 Cutting Mat

Daylight Wafer 1 Cutting Mat