Sewing Face Masks

The Rocky Mountain Sewing Community has been busy sewing face masks to help stop the spread of COVID-19 Coronavirus. We’re gathering up resources here so we can help even more. We’ve created some videos, are featuring some products that are helpful, and Cathy has been creating blog posts for us all to check out.

Check out Cathy’s blog post on sewing cotton face masks. She goes over techniques and materials and provides great ideas on making the masks both functional and beautiful.

If you’d rather make them in the hoop, there are several of our favorite embroidery sites that have posted patterns you can download:

Products for Making Cotton Face Masks

Sewing/Embroidery Machines

In terms of machines that are good for making masks, we’ve assembled a selection of high-quality, affordable sewing machines that will hold up to this project and all the other ones you may start while we’re social distancing. Once you start sewing, it’ll be hard to stop!

Steam Presses

In addition, check out Cathy’s blog on the Singer Professional Steam Presses. Learn how one of these presses can help you quickly prepare the fabric for facemasks.


If you are making masks in-the-hoop, then you’ll need some tear away stabilizer. There aren’t may stitches involved in making a mask in the hoop so a light or medium tearaway will work great.

We have stabilizers by Embellish, OESD, and RNK. Any one of these will work great.

If you are making a mask that needs to be turned right side out after sewing, then we recommend the RNK Precision Turning Tool or the OESD Expert Point and Press.

RMSV Community Joins the Mask Parade

We love and are so proud of our customers. Here’s just a sampling of the facemasks they’re making to help combat the COVID-19 virus. If you want to join the Mask Parade but need a machine, Rob is standing by (720)202-3152, or you can call our hotline ( 720-365-7783 ).

If you need a press or notions, we’re adding products for online sales everyday so you can order online. If you don’t find what you’re looking for we’re also taking orders by phone and by email so contact one of our stores.

Please note, phone hours for the stores are Monday – Friday, 10am-5pm. Closed on Saturday and Sundays. If you get us after hours, just leave a message and we’ll get back to you.

Aurora: 720-870-2711
Arvada: 303-404-0370
Littleton: 303-979-2334
Colorado Springs: 719-597-8888

Mask by Dawn Sewell Archibald

made by Dawn A.

Mask by JoAnn Peters

made by JoAnn P.

"For Captain Mark"

Mask by Kathy Kuhnle

made by Kathy K.

"Don't you just love my model? She is such a doll !"

Masks by Becky Ragan Middleton

made by Becky M.

"… 92 for local police…Total is 212 out the door!"

Masks made by Bernadette Strong

made by Bernadette S.

Masks Made By Charlene Cooley Milner

made by Charlene M.

Masks by Beth Schneidmiller

made by Masks by Beth S.

Masks made by Cari Arnett Fifield

made by Cari F.

Made "A bunch for friends, family, and front line workers."

Mask made by Dawn Sewell Archibald

made by Dawn S.

Masks made by Dawn Sewell Archibald

made by Dawn A.

Masks made by Debbie Bollinger Deans

made by Debbie D.

Masks made by Debbie Bollinger Deans

made by Debbie D.

Masks made by Debbie Bollinger Deans

made by Debbie D.

Masks made by Doris Matson

made by Doris M.

"One of the batches of masks made for our community needs."

Mask made by Dusti Michelle

made by Dusti M.

Masks made by Evonne Maupin Lucas

made by Evonne Maupin Lucas

"I made masks for my family with the scrap fabric I had on hand. I need more fabric, elastic and interfacing!"

Mask made by Jane Andersen McNally

made by Jane M.

"We made a bunch with my new sewing machine you guys helped me get last weekend (again, thanks) but this was my favorite as far as material goes. These are two layered with a pouch for added filtering if someone felt a need. We used hair ties to hold to ears and pipe cleaners, folded in four for the nose bridge."

Mask made by Jane Andersen McNally

made by Jane Andersen McNally 2

"This is the one I made for me :)"

Masks made by Jen Hume

made by Jen H.

"Made 216 for a local hospital."

Mask made by Joan Charles

made by Joan C.

"Made lots and lots!"

Masks made by Joanne Baker

made by Joanne B.

"I switched to self made fabric ties when I ran out of elastic."

Masks made by Karen Beedy-Almquist

made by Karen B.

"My mask parade"

Masks made by Kat Long

made by Kat L.

Masks made by Kenny Welch

made by Kenny W.

"Pickle Pie Designs version. Made 60 so far for family, friends, neighbors and grocery store workers."

Mask made by Kim Henderson Cherry

made by Kim C.

Masks made by Kim Henderson Cherry

made by Kim C.

Mask made by Kim Stoddart Lothringer

made by Kim L.

"Here’s the one I made for my husband. He’s using it to go grocery shopping and pick up beer from the local brewery."

Masks made by Laura Bergstreser

made by Laura B.

Masks made by Laura Bergstreser

made by Laura B.

"Made more for family."

Mask made by Lisa Rowland

made by Lisa R.

Masks made by Lisa Rowland

made by Lisa Rowland

"Waiting on my elastic order to ship."

Mask made by Lynn Weber Washington

made by Lynn W

"Two of the three I made…all done now."

Masks made by Marilyn Schmidt Van Norden

made by Marilyn V.

"Our quilt guild has been making them for the community."

Masks made by Sandi Cleveland Fasano

made by Sandi F.

"Using up my quilt stash and out the door they go!"

Mask made by Sherry Zoltay

made by Sherry Z.

"For the Little Man in our lives!"

Masks made by Teresa Edie Numbers

made by Teresa Edie Numbers

"Have done about 75 so far, for friends, family, and military healthcare."

Masks made by Teri Beach

made by Teri B.

"Latest ones"

Mask made by Tracy Kreiling

made by Tracy Kreiling

"My girl in her bare necessities mask."

Masks made by Tracy Stabrava

made by Tracy Stabrava

"60 masks for South Metro Fire"

Masks made by Tressie Timerman

made by Tressie Timerman

"Been busy making for friends and family."

Masks made by Vicki Carrington

made by Vicki C.

"Masks and potholders"

Mask made by Zenthia Rocque

made by Zenthia R.

Mask made by Zenthia Rocque

made by Zenthia Rocque

Mask by Pam Marshall-Harrington

made by Pam Marshall-Harrington

"Oops…did it wrong twice before I got it right."

Mask made by Donna M

made by Donna M.