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PFAFF Advanced Sewing – 03/03/23 Littleton

March 3 @ 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM | Free

PFAFF Advanced Sewing – 03/03/23 Littleton


PFAFF Advanced Sewing - 03/03/23 Littleton


Venue Information

Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum Littleton

8601 W Cross Dr #P-1
Littleton, CO 80123

Venue Map
Learn to use your PFAFF sewing machine to the fullest!
The goal for this class is to continue exploring all of the software features and skills your sewing machine has in store for you.
In this class we will cover Stitch Techniques (ribbon, stacking, floating, lace edge, radiant), Stitch Creator and Stitch Metering.
This class covers topics that can only be found on the following machines:
        Creative Icon
        Performance Icon
        Pfaff Creative 4.5
        Pfaff Expression 720
        Pfaff Performance 5.2

Supply List

Bring your PFAFF Creative Icon machine

PFAFF Performance or Creative Icon, Creative 4.5, Expression 720 or Pfaff Performance 5.2

Accessories it came with

Notebook / paper for notes


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