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MySewnet Software, pt 3: Create Modules – 05/23/22 Littleton

May 23 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm | Free

MySewnet Software, pt 3: Create Modules – 05/23/22 Littleton


MySewnet Software, pt 3: Create Modules - 05/23/22 Littleton


Venue Information

Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum Littleton

8601 W Cross Dr #P-1
Littleton, CO 80123

Venue Map

This class will focus on what your MySewnet Software can do for you. 

This class is broken up into four courses:

1-Navigation: Learn what all of your icons mean and what modules you do and don’t have. This class is perfect if you have the Free Software or the Subscriptions!

2-Silver Modules: We go over how to take advantage of all the modules that your MySewnet Silver Subscription offers you. These are also applicable if you have the Platinum Subscription

3-Create Modules: Learn the creation modules that come in the Platinum Subscription software

4-Digitizing: Learn what tools you have to fully digitize your own designs!

We will also likely have time for your own questions at the end of class, so don’t hesitate to bring your questions to ask. 

If you are unable to attend a class and would like the slideshow from the class, you have to miss, please feel free to reach out to


Supply List

Pen and paper to take notes That’s it!

You are welcome to bring your computer to class but it is not required.

If you do bring your computer, make sure that you already have the software downloaded and installed.

Required Machine: MySewnet Software Free, Silver, Platinum

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