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My very first blog back last June was about the Cosplay Workshop at the Colorado Springs store. As an avid Halloween lover, I was intrigued by some of the techniques and materials used to make such fun costumes. Now I am really excited to tell you about some of the wonderful materials now available because of a partnership between Sew Much Cosplay and RNK (Floriani).

Sew Much Cosplay™

Sew Much Cosplay™ was born from a desire to create better cosplay. If you spend time trying to figure out which products will help you create that screen-perfect cosplay, look no more. You no longer have to deal with products not holding their shape or their paint simply because they aren’t meant for that application.

Sew Much Cosplay™, owned by Tracy Mooney and Cheryl Sleboda, is partnering with RNK Distributing and creating a new line of products specifically for Cosplayers. Cheryl has been sewing and creating costumes for over 25+ years, and brings 20 years of pop culture industry experience to the table. Tracy is Senior Editor for Generation Q Magazine and a veteran quilter. She designs projects and writes patterns for WeSew2, a feature in Generation Q that teaches kids ages 7-16 how to sew and quilt. Tracy has been quilting and sewing for nearly 25 years, is the mother of 3 children and has created their costumes for cosplay, renaissance fair, Halloween, steampunk accessories and “nerdy” clothing hacks for her kids.

The goal of Sew Much Cosplay™ is to give you the tools and techniques you need to create the costumes of your dreams. These tools include content, tutorials, and better products for your cosplay arsenal.

Check out their blog for more information and ideas.

Here’s a Look at Their Products

Hero Foam

Photo of Hero Foam for cosplay costumes

Photo of Hero foam made into maskMake your cosplay projects a reality with Sew Much Cosplay™ Hero Foam. It is a high-density, closed cell eva foam. Hero Foam is available in three colors and two thicknesses: white gray and black either 2mm or 6mm thick. The Hero Foam comes in 23½ inch square sheets in 2 or 3 count packages.

The closed-cell foam takes any kind of paint quickly and easily with no need for a primer. You can cut it with your Scan N Cut, but it also cuts easily with scissors or a craft knife as it’s easy to carve.  You can layer it, glue it, and stitch it, making it perfect for creating armor or accessories for sewn costumes. Just choose the thickness that works for you.


  • Armor
  • Masks
  • Props
  • Weapons
  • Holsters
  • Sewn into collars and garments
  • Jewelry

Super Structure Foam

Photo of Super Structure Foam for cosplay costumesPhoto of use of Super Structure Foam to create stand up costume piece for cosplayAdd sculptural elements, volume and lift to your cosplay without adding weight with Sew Much Cosplay™ Super Structure Foam.  This black foam with a black core has a low-temp fusible tricot allowing you to adhere it to any fabric. Simply iron your chosen fabric to the fusible side of this product. Then sew your project as desired. You can add stitching to create depth and dimension, or leave it as is for a simple look. It is perfect for free standing collars that need to defy gravity, but still stay soft.

It is available in 60″ X 1 yard and 60″ X 2 yard packages.


  • Armor
  • Collars
  • Structured bodices
  • Creating muscles and super hero six-packs in costumes
  • Bracers
  • Shoe Covers
  • Purses

Power Shine Glitter

Photo of Power Shine Glitter for decorating cosplay fabrics

When your cosplay needs some sparkle, reach for this vinyl-backed, iron-on glitter. You can add Power Shine Glitter to any fabric to add sparkle and shine that won’t flake off. It works great on stretch or woven fabrics.  It also works with Hero Foam, and can be left shiny or distressed for a versatile metallic look. Create precise logos and appliques on your Scan N Cut or hand-cut it with scissors. Then simply iron it on any fabric for great results.  It is washer and dryer safe.  Power Shine Glitter is available in red, blue, gold, silver and black in 18” X 12” sheets.


  • Logos
  • Trim
  • Bracers
  • Accessories
  • T-shirts
  • Props
  • Anywhere you want to add some shine

Power Shine Foil

Photo of Power Shine Foil for decorating cosplay fabricsIf want just a little metallic shine without the glitter, there is vinyl-backed, iron-on Power Shine Foil. Add this foil to any fabric to make it look like metal.  As with Power Shine Glitter, you can cut it with scissors or your Scan N Cut. It irons onto any fabric and is washer and dryer safe. Power Shine Foil is available in Gold and Silver 9” X 12” sheets.


  • Logos
  • Trim
  • Bracers
  • Accessories
  • T-shirts
  • Props
  • Anywhere you want to add the look of metal

Power Boost Interlining

Power Boost Interfacing to line cosplay fabricsFiddly fabric fraying before you can stitch that seam? Thin fabric falling flat and needs oomph? Itchy Fabric against your skin? Need a stretchy fabric to act like a woven fabric? Power Boost Lining is the answer to all of these problems.

This whisper-thin fusible fabric tames even the most frustrating of fabrics to make it easy to cut and sew. Simply fuse Power Boost Lining to the wrong side of the material and then follow your pattern instructions.


  • Backing brocade and other fabrics that fray
  • Backing itchy fur to make it smooth against your skin
  • Adds body to thin satin and organza fabrics
  • Works great in t-shirt quilts!

Pixel Party Fusible Grid

Pixel QuiltMake all of your geeky quilts with ease using the revolutionary fusible grid.  This product is perfect for video game inspired designs, but it’s also easy to create traditional patterns. Sew your next pixelated project with an easy flip and sew technique. This is a water soluble, fusible  2.5″ grid so you get a softer quilt with no extra bulk. The grid layout means perfect corners every time.

Pixel Party Fusible Grid comes in 60 inch by 1 yard or 60 inch by 2 yard lengths.


Sew Super Cosplay Shears

Photo of Sew Super cosplay shearsSew Much Cosplay’s Sew Super Cosplay Shears have been designed specifically for all your cosplay needs. The extra-long blades provide smooth and precise cutting, allowing you to cut the most delicate fabrics cleanly and without snagging.  You’ll never have to struggle with cutting unstable or delicate fabrics ever again. The enlarged handle is designed for unisex use and comfort, so anyone and everyone can become an expert cosplayer.


Awesome Armor Cosplay Snips

Photo of Armor cosplay shearsUse Sew Much Cosplay’s Awesome Armor Cosplay Snips, and creating armor just became a snap. This scissor’s extra-long blades allow for smooth and precise cutting, making it perfect for the heavy and dense materials that go into making armor. Foam, plastic, leather and other bulky materials cut with ease. As with the Super Cosplay Shears, the Armor Snips have an enlarged handle designed for unisex use and comfort.


On Sale Now!

Are you tired of spending hundreds of hours on a cosplay only to have it fall apart on your first day at the con? Frustrated that you can’t clean your cosplay after spending so much time to make it perfect? Sew Much Cosplay is bringing shining dimension to your cosplay creations! Then check out the latest products, now available at your local Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum store.

Check out our March Sales Flyer (page 18) for our discounted prices on these costuming supplies from RNK.