What’s the Buzz: September Events and More Give-Aways Coming Your Way!

by Cathy Ellsaesser, posted on

Whew! The “What’s New” parties are over, and I sure hope you were able to attend and take advantage of some of the great deals that we offered.  No worries, though, if you were unable to attend. Our September events calendar is full, and first up is our 10th year anniversary celebration coming up September 1 and September 3. Combine this event with Labor Day, and you know there are great deals to be made!

September event Anniversary sale graphic

Winners, Winners, and More Winners

winner graphic for September eventsIf you attended any of the “What’s New” parties, you know we like to give stuff away! Check out just a few of our winners on our Facebook page.

So be sure to come in and celebrate 10 years of RMSV! We are having a big celebration at all of our stores with food and copious amounts of prizes and give-aways each day. For 15 hours, save big on all sewing machines, embroidery machines, quilting machines, vacuums, accessories, furniture, notions and more.

Sewing Machines

Well, Rob already gave away 8 sewing machines at the “What’s New Parties,” and he’s not stopping there! We are giving away 10 (yes, that’s right, TEN) sewing machine at EACH store to celebrate our 10 years in business. Come by any of the stores on either Saturday, September 1 or Monday, September 3 and register for the drawing. Drawings will be held at each store on Tuesday, September 4, and the lucky winners notified. This will be the largest sewing machine give-away Colorado has ever seen!

Unique Sewing Furniture Cutting Table

Congratulations to Annita Harris! She won the Unique Sewing Furniture Cutting Table that was demonstrated at the July Sew Fun. She’s taking measurements and making room for the delivery of this marvelous piece of solid oak furniture. Many thanks to Unique Sewing Furniture for making this possible. You, too, can add some quality solid wood sewing furniture to your sewing studio. Check out the deals we’ll be offering at our Anniversary sales.

Annita, winner of Unique Sewing Furniture cutting table  Unique Sewing Furniture cutting table give-away

National Sewing Month

So we kick off September events with our big anniversary sale, but continue on celebrating all month long as September is National Sewing Month. Not sure who gets to make those designations, but we’re glad someone did! Our September Newsletter will be out soon, so be sure to check it for coupons and special deals to celebrate National Sewing Month. There’s even a crossword puzzle to test your sewing knowledge.

Jelly Roll Race

Three jelly rolls placed on top of two jelly roll race quilts that have been folded up. Graphic for September event

Perhaps the same folks who decided September should celebrate sewing also decided that the third Saturday in September (September 15, this year) is “Take a Jelly Roll to Lunch” day. No, that’s not what it’s called, but it is “National Sew a Jelly Roll” day. Colorado Springs has held numerous and popular Jelly Roll Races, and we thought it would be fun to have one at each store simultaneously as one of our September events! We already had other classes scheduled for the 15th, so we’re holding the race on the 22nd.

Each of our stores is stocking up on some jelly rolls (also known as pinwheels) and will put them on sale September 12. Of course, you can bring your own, but we’ll have a nice selection from Benartex at a great sale price. In addition, if you buy your jelly roll from us, we’ll give you a RMSV gift card for $20 on race day to offset the cost of the event. Please register here for the event at your store: ArvadaAurora; Colorado Springs; Littleton.

Race Details

Sew Strips Together

These September events start at 10:30 on September 22. Bring your jelly roll, your machine and sewing supplies, and get ready to sew. Spend the first hour or so sewing the strips together, end to end on a diagonal. (This part is not timed or part of the competition.) This will result in one super long, mega strip (approximately 1600 inches long).

Photo of two Jelly Roll Race quilt strips after being sewn together and seam trimmed to 1/4 inch  Photo of fabric being sewn into two rows for a Jelly Roll Race quilt

Once you have completed that, roll your ~1600-inch length into a roll for the second half of the event. There will be time for lunch, so make plans to go out and grab a bite to eat with your sewing friends, or bring a lunch to eat there at the store.

Get Ready to Rumble…er, Sew

At about 1:00 we’ll start the race. Each contestant will unroll their jelly roll and start sewing the long (really long!) strip.  Check out our previous blog, Ready, Set, Sew! A Jelly Roll Race at Rocky Mountain’s Colorado Springs Store for more detailed information on how to jelly roll race. Basically, you find both ends of the “mega strip” and lay them, right sides together, and sew them together along one edge. When you get to the end, cut open the folded edge so your new double strip will lay open flat.  You now have a two row strip that is approximately 800 inches long.

Photo showing two strips of Jelly Roll Race quilt at the end of sewing the first row with fold at the bottom ready to be cut

Rinse and Repeat

Continue to place both ends of the strip right sides together, sew them along the end, cut open the folded edge and repeat for 5 rows (four more seams). You’ll end up with 32 rows, for a quilt size of approximately 64″ long and 5oish” wide.

Jelly roll quilt

The Contest

So who can complete their quilt top the fastest? Who will own bragging rights to all of RMSV as the Jelly Roll Queen/King? You know, it’s Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum, so you can be sure there will be prizes for the winners and runners up!

Other September Events

Of course, we’ll be hosting Sew Fun as usual and lots of classes. Check out the class schedule here.

Anita Goodesign in October

Oh, and looking forward into October, don’t forget about our two-day Anita Goodesign events. We’re hosting two 2-day events this fall to make sure we have room for everyone who wants to attend. So plan on coming either October 18 and 19 OR October 20 and 21. Events will be held at our Aurora store, and the cost is $99/person. Register here for October 18 & 19 or here for October 20 & 21.