Sebo Vacuum Cleaners

by Cathy Ellsaesser, posted on

I have to admit, I had never heard of Sebo Vacuum cleaners until we started carrying them here at Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum. However, now that I know about them, I am truly impressed with what a great line of vacuum cleaners Sebo manufactures.

In 1978, two engineers, with a vision of a cleaning system unlike anything ever produced, founded SEBO in Velbert, Germany. Since then, SEBO has become the manufacturer of the finest quality commercial-grade vacuum cleaners in the world. They’ve sold more than four million units to markets in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America, with cumulative sales exceeding one billion dollars. They also manufacture private-label machines for some of the top distributors in the world. In addition, they are the preferred vacuum cleaner of the top hotels, hospitals, universities and government institutions worldwide . . . even The White House and Buckingham Palace! And now, Their state-of-the-art cleaning technologies are available for use in your home.

Sebo Vacuum Cleaner Technology

Their future-forward, technological breakthroughs in the science of cleaning are without precedent in the vacuum industry. These features include:

  • Best in industry power nozzles
  • Adjustable suction integrated on the hose
  • The ability to turn off the brush roller while vacuuming
  • Ease of self-maintenace of the vacuum
  • A timing-belt-driven brush with clutch protection.
  • A dust bag that fills from the top, followed by a microfilter and then the motor.
  • An electrostatic microfilter
  • An electronic brush control and safety shut off
  • A soft bumper on a canister vacuum, which protects furniture and walls from damage
  • An electronically controlled automatic height adjustment
  • S-class filtration
  • A detail wand with telescopic hose

To this day, the most modern vacuum cleaner in the world!

German Engineering, Local Support

The Sebo Vacuum Cleaners are manufactured in Germany, but the U.S. headquarters are right here in Englewood, Colorado. Thus, we have, right next door, all the technical help we could possibly need to support any concerns or issues our Sebo owners might have — not that we expect any!

The Sebo Vacuum Cleaner Line-Up

Different models of Sebo Vacuum Cleaners

Sebo offers many different styles of vacuum cleaners — both canisters and uprights. I couldn’t possible cover every model in this blog. So take a look at the products on our website to see the Sebo models we offer.

In addition, check out a couple of videos starring Dave, our Vacuum General Manager.

The Sebo Felix Onyx

The Sebo Airbelt E3

and here’s a blog post for an in-depth look at the Sebo D4 Airbelt Premium .

Take a Test Drive

Visit any of our four locations to see what we have in the Sebo Vacuum Cleaner line-up, and take one or two for a test drive. We know that we have just the right vacuuum for you household vacuuming needs.