A Sticker Situation: ScanNCut Printable Stickers

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Got a cool design idea? Stick it to me! Use your ScanNCut to design your own custom, printable stickers with a professional finish. Create fun stickers for the kids. Make your own designer labels. Create organizational stickers for your planner. You can do it all with the ScanNCut Printable Sticker Kit from Brother. There are so many possibilities that you’ll be amazed at where your creativity can take you!

The Printable Stickers Kit

The Printable Stickers package from Brother consists of:

  • 3 printable sticker sheets
  • 3 laminate sheets
  • Scraper
  • Lifter
  • Activation code for ScanNCut Canvas Printable Sticker Function
  • Instruction guide
  1. Photo of sticker sheets and laminate in Brother's Printable Sticker Kit Photo of contents of Brother's Printable Sticker Kit


    Purchase the kit from any of our stores and you will receive an activation code so you can register it on the Canvas Workspace website. The activation works the same way as registering for any of the premium functions like the Rhinestone Kit. The activation code provides access to many of the sticker designs on the Canvas Workspace website.

    For stickers, log in to your account on the CanvasWorkspace website, click on the account icon Account icon for Canvas Workspace in the upper right corner of the screen.

    Scroll down to the Premium Functions section of the account page and click on Activate next to Printable Sticker.

    Screen shot of activation page on canvas workspace for printable stickers

    Scratch off the silver strip on the card included in your Printable Stickers Kit, and type the activation code (found on the back of card found in the kit) in the space provided.

    screen shot of activation pop-up for printable stickers

    See our blog on The Brother Rhinestone Kit Part 1: CanvasWorkspace for more information on activating premium functions.


    “Built-In” Printable Stickers in Canvas Workspace

    1. Create a new project on your CanvasWorkspace home page to start creating printable stickers.
      Screen shot of CanvasWorkspace home page
    2. Once your new project has been created, and you see the cutting mat on the screen, click on the Premium tab at the top of the screen.
      screen shot of premium tab on CanvasWorkspace
    3. Select the Printable Sticker Wizard (center icon) under Printable Sticker to view the printable stickers that you can customize.
      screen shot of icons for printable stickers in CanvasWorkspace
    4. Scroll though the various designs available and select the design of your choice.
    5. Type in the text you wish and click on Preview to see your text placed in the printable sticker. Note: I didn’t see a way to change the font or text size.
    6. Click on OK to place the printable sticker on the cutting mat.
      screen shot of printable sticker selection in CanvasWorkspace  
    7. Continue to place find, customize and place stickers on the cutting mat.

    Insert Your Own Graphic(s) for Printable Stickers

    If you would like to make a sticker of your own graphic image, you can add it to your cutting sheet easily. Note, the graphic must be a JPG, GIF, PNG or BMP image and less than 2MB in size.

    1. Select Paste Image (left icon) under Printable Sticker to upload a graphic.
    2. Select the graphic image you want to be a sticker by clicking on Choose File… and browsing for it.
    3. Click on Open once you’ve located and selected the file.
        Screen shot of locating graphic for Printable Stickers in windows explorer
    4. Check that the right file is loaded beside the Choose File button and click on OK.
    5. The graphic is placed on the cutting mat.
      Canvas Workspace screen shot of cutting mat with custom graphic added for printable stickers.
    6. You can size any of the images by selecting it and dragging one of the corners to the size desired. (Dragging the corners changes both horizontal and vertical dimensions proportionately.)
      Screen shot of Brother's CanvasWorkspace showing menu to copy item.
    7. If you want more than one copy of a sticker, simply select the graphic, click on Duplicate icon from the Edit menu. (You can also Copy and Paste items).
      Screen shot of duplicate function in Canvas Workspace
    8. Once you have all your stickers in place, select Project from the menu and then select A4 as area size. This sets the size of the cutting area to correspond with the sticker paper size.
      Screen shot of changing mat size to A4 in Brother's Canvas Workspace
    9. Make sure all stickers are inside the dotted red lines representing the A4 printable size. Also, leave some space between the stickers to make it easier for the ScanNCut to recognize them and cut them out.
      screen shot from CanvasWorkspace showing stickers to be cut and red dotted line representing A4 page size


Create PDF File of Printable Stickers

Now it is time to print the images of the stickers on the printable sticker paper. Note, you must use an ink-jet printer with this paper.

  1. Create the pdf file by clicking on the Premium tab and then selecting the Download PDF for Printing icon Download pdf for printing icon in Canvas Workspace.
     Screen shot of create PDF icon in Brother's CanvasWorkspace
  2. Click on the file name that comes up on the Download PDF for printing pop-up.  Note the caution to print at actual size. Also, do not click on the Close button unless you want to exit the Download window without saving the pdf file.
    Select untitled pdf to create pdf of stickers for printing
  3. Navigate to where you want to save the pdf file, give it a File name and click on Save.

Print the PDF file of Printable Stickers

    1. Open the pdf file you created in Adobe Acrobat or other pdf reader.
      Screen shot of windows explorer showing location of saved pdf file of printable stickers
    2. Select print from the program.
    3. The screens for setting your print parameters will vary from what is shown here, depending on your application and printer. Just remember to set paper size to A4 and DO NOT Fit to page. Always print actual size.
      Screen shot of printer setting for page size (A4)
    4. The “system dialog” print screen might look like this:
    5. Select your media type, print quality and page size before printing. Brother recommends the following settings for printing:
      • Media: Inkjet paper
      • Quality: Photo
      • Color Mode: Vivid
    6. Load the sticker paper into your printer and print.


The Printable Stickers kit comes with three sheets of sticker paper and three sheets of laminate. Laminate the stickers before you cut them out for a very professional and durable final product (and they’re glossy)!

  1. After printing the sticker page, remove the top ¼” of backing from the laminate sheet.
    Photo of top 1/4" of laminate backing being removed.
  2. Align the top of the laminate sheet with the top of the sticker sheet.
    Photo of aligning edge of laminate with printed stickers
  3. Peel back green backing a bit at a time and smooth onto the sticker paper, removing bubbles as you go. If necessary, use the included scraper to smooth out the laminate over the sticker paper.
    Photo of removing green backing from laminate to cover stickers Photo of removing green backing from laminate to cover stickers

Once the page is laminated, you are ready to cut the stickers.


Scan Printed Sticker Sheet

  1. Adhere your printed sticker page face up to a ScanNCut mat.
    Photo of printed sheet of stickers on ScanNCut cutting mat
  2. Select Scan from the home screen.
    Photo of ScanNCut home screen with Scan Data circled in yellow
  3. Touch Direct Cut
    Photo of ScanNCut home screen with Direct Cut circled in yellow
  4. Select the scanner as the source of the material.
    Photo of ScanNCut home screen with ScanNCut as source of image circled in red
  5. Press the Start/Stop button to beginning scanning the mat with the printed stickers.
    Photo of ScanNCut screen with start button circled in red

Edit Cut Lines

  1. Frame the image to be cut by adjusting the red arrows in the corners of the scanned image.
    Photo of ScanNCut screen after scanning sheet of labels with requester to frame the image
  2. Adjust the resulting cut lines by increasing (or decreasing) the number of colors as necessary to get a good cut outline around each sticker.
    Photo of ScanNCut screen after scanning before adjusting the number of colors for outliningPhoto of ScanNCut screen after scanning before adjusting the number of colors for outlining
  3. Once you have the desired effect, click on OK.
  4. Click on the edit button to delete the small lines and specks that should not be cut.
    Photo of ScanNCut screen with red arrows showing extraneous lines and specks that need to be deleted before cutting
  5. Select those items to be deleted and click on the trash can. Use the right and left arrows to cycle through the objects on the screen and delete those you do not want to cut.
    Photo of ScanNCut screen with one line selected to be deleted

Cut Test Sample

  1. When all extraneous lines and specks have been deleted, click on Test.
  2. Select a test pattern and place it so that it will be cut outside the printed stickers.
    • Begin with the standard blade extension set to 2.5 to 3 and the cutting pressure to -1.
    • Cut the test pattern.
    • Verify that the test cut out cut through the laminate and the paper, but NOT the paper backing (yellow sheet on back of printed paper).
    • Adjust settings as necessary and re-cut test pattern (move it to a different location on the mat).

Cut Stickers

Once you have the correct blade depth and pressure for cutting, you are ready to cut out your stickers.  Do not move the printed sheet on the mat once you scan it. When ready to cut, touch the Cut button and then the Start/Stop button and watch the ScanNCut cut your stickers.

Photo of ScanNCut screen with red circles around buttons to select for cutting

The cut stickers easily peel away from the yellow backing and are ready to be placed wherever you want them. If you want to hand them out to your favorite person, simply cut them apart leaving the yellow backing intact and some white space around them to make it them easy to remove from the backing.

Photo of printable sticker being lifted off of the backing after being cut with the ScanNCut

Photo of printable sticker with Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum label on ScanNCut machine

These stickers are very sticky! The laminate adds a really nice touch and makes them much more durable. I can’t wait to make more for my grandkids!


Try your hand at making some stickers! Here’s a coupon to get you started. Just head to one of our stores and pick up a Printable Sticker Starter Kit.  If you already have one, pick up some extra paper and laminating sheets. Just click on the coupon and print it.

Coupon for 25% off Printable Stickers kit and supplies





Cathy Ellsaesser

Per the Brother website for the (SDX1200 use the auto blade for cutting stickers. The kit comes with the laminating sheets which are adhesive. No laminator required.
Have fun!


I have the sdx1200 thinking about getting this sticker kit. But i would like to know is it the blue blade holder i need to use this kit. Also do i need a laminator to laminate the sheets