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ReSEWlutions for 2017

by cmorelli, posted on


Welcome to 2017!  It’s time to make your ReSEWlutions!  Most of us make New Year’s resolutions, but did you ever think about making a New Year’s ReSEWlution?  If you Like to sew, you should take the time to choose 2017 the year you make a ReSEWlution! Like a resolution, a ReSEWlution is a goal, promise, decree, or declaration about something you wish to achieve within your realm of sewing.

Perhaps you have an unfinished quilt.  Maybe you always wanted to learn how to construct garments with linings.  Could be you went to a sewing expo, picked up a pattern and some really great fabric, now you  just need to actually make the item.  Maybe you got a new sewing machine LAST Christmas and still haven’t opened the box.  Do you have a pile of fabric you purchased months (or years) ago thinking how great it would be to stitch up into something like napkins, a table runner or some other fun project?  Perhaps you just want to get a handle on using your embroidery software.

Track Your Progress

Designate 2017 the year to accomplish those sewing goals you put aside last year!  Whether your ReSEWlution is tackling your fabric stash, finishing a quilt, taking a class to learn a new technique, or creating yourself some new outfits, you’ll find that writing out your ReSEWlutions will keep you on track to actually achieving them!  Track your progress with a diary or blog.  Create a monthly checklist and put a note on your calendar to review it.  Post your ReSEWlutions to your social media site.  Another great way to keep track of your progress is with a photo journal.  Also, ask friends to help you reach your goals.

ReSEWlutions should be Fun, Achievable, and Realistic

Make sure your ReSEWlutions are realistic, achievable, really interest or challenge you, and take you to the next stop in your sewing journey.  Focus on a goal you WANT to accomplish rather than something you feel you should do.  Don’t let family or friends pressure you into a ReSEWlution.  Only choose ReSEWlutions you have the time, resources, and energy to accomplish.

Rocky Mountain Sewing Assists ReSewlutions in a Variety of Ways

Rocky Mountain Sewing can help you with your ReSEWlutions. Check out our list of classes and upcoming events. Bring your machine in for a tune up. Stop by to pick up any specialty notions you need to accomplish your ReSEWlution.  Address any questions you may have to our friendly staff.  You may even submit questions to our website.

If your ReSEWlution is to purchase a new machine, or replace your old one, our friendly staff will be happy to take you on a tour of the industry’s latest models. We even have a selection of quality pre-owned machines.

If you like to sew, you should take the time to make 2017 the year you make a ReSEWlution!

P.S.  Maybe it’s time to bring your vacuum in for a checkup, too. If you haven’t done that in while (like more than a year), your vacuum probably needs a tune up. You can get your cleaning done faster and better thus giving you more time to work on your ReSEWlutions!!!!!!