Twenty to Stitch Book

Twenty To Stitch Mini Quilts

Endless possibilities for using 5 inch square mini quilt blocks from the master quilter and bestselling author Carolyn Forster.

Ideal for patchworkers, quilters and sewists looking for ideas and inspiration, this book contains designs for 20 mini blocks, all measuring just 5 inches square, and all constructed from basic shapes including squares, triangles and rectangles. Mini quilt blocks are ideal for making small patchwork projects such as bags, pincushions, coasters and placemats, for incorporating into larger blocks, or for forming motifs within a larger quilt design. Each project consists of a photograph of the block together with three diagrams showing variations, giving a total of 80 block designs. Each project is accompanied by the number and size of each shape in the block and instructions on the order in which to put the shapes together. General techniques at the start of the book will include how to cut out the shapes; how to layer and back the block and add an edging; and how to incorporate the block into a larger design. Instructions for cutting the basic shapes to create a 5 inch block are provided, with outlines marked on for creating 3 inch squares too.


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