RNK Stick-Stitch-Tear

Stick-Stitch-Tear Stabilizer

RNK’s Stick-Stitch-Tear is the latest tearaway stabilizer that is pressure-sensitive and has a needle-friendly adhesive to make it easy to use for “hard to hoop” items such as cuffs, corners, towels, and more. This black-colored stabilizer is perfect for dark fabrics that may get hoop burn. It provides firm yet flexible support for all types of embroidery on most fabrics, and the adhesive will hold most fabrics in place while stitching. Stick-Stitch-Tear makes embroidery work efficient and hassle-free, ensuring a clean finish for all your embroidery projects. Get creative and let RNK’s Stick-Stitch-Tear stabilizer take care of the rest!

If out of stock, please contact your location Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum store to see if they can order it for you.

$34.99 - $41.99

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