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RNK Sew-Shrink Fabric

RNK Sew Shrink Fabric

Discover a new way to add texture to your fabric projects with RNK’s Sew-Shrink Fabric! This versatile product is perfect for creating unique wearables and home decor items such as quilts, placemats, pillows, and curtains. The fabric can be easily marked with a fabric pen to stitch a grid or a specific pattern. Simply place it behind your fabric with the drawn lines facing out, stitch over your lines, and steam with an iron for a wrinkled effect. Sew-Shrink Fabric does not have a right or wrong side and can be trimmed or inserted into your project. Plus, the wrinkles hold in place even after laundering or dry cleaning.

Each package includes a 60″ x 1 yd roll of this innovative product.

If out of stock, please contact your location Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum store to see if they can order it for you.

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