RNK Embroidery Batting

RNK Embroidery Batting

A stable blend of cotton and poly for all your quilting needs!

Looking for a reliable and stable embroidery batting? Look no further than the RNK Embroidery Batting! Made from a blend of cotton and poly, this needle-punched batting is designed to prevent stretch, puckering, and shrinkage, making it perfect for all your “in the hoop” quilting projects. With built-in stabilizer, you won’t need any additional support for your embroidery, whether it’s light or dense. Use it for purses, handbags, baby items, jackets, vests, home decor, and more. Trust in RNK’s high standards to bring your quilting projects to the next level!

If out of stock, please contact your location Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum store to see if they can order it for you.

$15.49 - $43.49

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