Pfaff Performance 5.2 REFURBISHED

These refurbished PFAFF Performance 5.2’s have just been serviced and have been given a clean bill of health.  They are very complete and are all in perfect or near perfect condition cosmetically.

The machine pictured is one of many machines purchased from the manufacturer as a “lot” of machines to be sold online.  We do not know exactly how old each machine is, but they started making them in mid 2016 and stopped making them about 1 1/2 years ago. The MSRP was $2999 at that time.

They are very well packaged, most in original factory boxes! Comes with a 90 day warranty. Not available in stores, for purchase online only.

Sorry, these are no longer available.

Finance for $83.25* per month for 12 months at 0% interest.
*O.A.C. + sales tax where applicable, terms and conditions apply.

PFAFF Performance 5.2

The perfect choice for quilters.

A passion for sewing reveals ones true self. Beautiful fabrics that inspire your imagination to run free. Creations that show a love of detail and desire to achieve professional-looking results. You need a sewing machine that delights you – one that offers room for new ideas and possibilities.

Limited Quantity Refurbished Machines

These are NOT used machines that someone traded in! These machines have been fully serviced and inspected by our qualified technicians.

These machines also come with a full one-year parts and labor warranty, including classes, our 6-Month Exchange program, and free shipping within the contiguous United States.

The warranty does not include shipping costs to and from our service center.

Patchwork Program

The sewing area to the right of the needle is supersized for sewing large amounts of fabric or batting. Optimized feeding provides more control when sewing through thick layers or seaming small pieces. Sew your seam and the PFAFF Performance 5.2 sewing machine will remember the seam length to repeat over and over, thanks to the Patchwork Program. This and a lot more is all waiting for you.

Pfaff Performance 5.2

Integrated Dual Feed Technology

The time-tested PFAFF Original IDT System and a highly developed sensor technology guarantee the optimal feed you expect, on all kinds of fabrics. Everything stays in place. Lightweight and silky fabrics don‘t pucker; stripes and plaids match perfectly; curved seams are easy, with very little pinning required. The Original IDT™ System is exceptional for gras-ping and feeding small fabric pieces, for maximum precision and professional results. Your PFAFF performance 5.2 sewing machine moves from a single layer to multiple layers effortlessly and even sews over bulky seams with no hesitation.

Pfaff Performance 5.2

Patchwork Program

Everything you do can be seen. The intuitive PFAFF creative™ Color Touch Screen shows stitches in actual size. Customize and combine them directly on the screen. Select the desired function with the ergonomic stylus. The user-friendly interface guides you confidently through all processes. Pleasant colors make every- thing clear, right from the beginning. Save individual stitch settings or letters in one of the 30 memories and sew them in one step.

Pfaff Performance 5.2 stylist

Unique PFAFF Sewing Techniques

  • Ribbon Stitches – Add dimensional elements to your decorative stitching with beautiful ribbon stitches. Narrow ribbons and trims are woven into these special stitches as you sew.
  • Stacking Stitches – Sew beautiful decorative stitches in two colors. The stacking stitches consist of pairs of stitches that are designed to be sewn on top of each other.
  • Maxi Stitches – Add beautiful accents to your project with stitches and monograms up to 48mm wide.
Ribbon Stitching Sewing Sample

PFAFF Performance 5.2 Features

Exclusive Stitch Creator Feature

Create new 9mm stitches or edit built-in stitches for unlimited creativity.

The Original IDT System

Integrated Dual Feed only from PFAFF for over 40 years! Absolutely even fabric feed from both the top and the bottom.

Pfaff Performance 5.2 stitches

Over 300 Stitches

Be astonished by the fascinating selection of PFAFF high-quality 9mm stitches. Unique embellishments, stitched perfectly.

4 Built-in Stitch Fonts

Choose one of 4 fonts to personalize your project.

Optimized Feeding

Enhanced to provide more control when sewing through thick layers or seaming small pieces.

Automatic Presser Foot Lift

Raises the presser foot instantly when the needle is set to stop down and/or at the end of a seam after a thread snip.

Large Sewing Space

The PFAFF performance 5.2 sewing machine is the perfect choice for quilters, home decor sewers, fashion enthusiasts – anyone who creates. The sewing area to the right of the needle is supersized for sewing large amounts of fabric or batting.

The Original IDT System

Integrated Dual Feed only from PFAFF for over 40 years! Absolutely even fabric feed from both the top and the bottom.

Free-motion Modes

Three modes for free-motion quilting, thread painting or darning. Select the best mode for your specific technique.

Needle Up/Down

Set needle to stop up or down in the fabric for pivoting, appliqué and more.

Sensormatic Buttonhole

Buttonhole columns are sewn in the same direction for precise stitch quality.


Sew without the foot control. Makes sewing long seams, free-motion and buttonholes easy.

37 Needle Positions

For exact placement of your straight stitch.

Stitch Width Safety

Limits stitch width to center needle straight stitch while using straight stitch foot to prevent needle breakage.

Twin Needle Program

Enter twin needle size to automatically adjust the stitch width. See the twin needle stitch on the screen.

Stitch Restart

Return to the beginning of a stitch or sequence without having to reset any special adjustments you’ve made.

Large Stitch Plate

Features seam markings to the left and right of the needle to help you guide your fabric.

Immediate Tie-off

When pressed the machine will tie-off and stop automatically for a quick and easy finish.

Accessory Feet included

10 different presser feet for all your basic needs.

PFAFF Creative™ Color Touch Screen

The clear, high resolution display shows stitches in actual size. The intuitive layout is easy to understand.

Straight Stitch Needle Plate with Sensor

Your performance 5.2 sewing machine alerts you if you try to select a stitch other than straight stitch when the straight stitch needle plate is attached.

LED Lights

Optimized bright lights illuminate the entire work area with no shadows.

Bobbin Thread Sensor

Alerts you when your bobbin thread is running low.

Thread Snips

Automatically cut top and bobbin threads, pulling thread ends to the back side of fabric.

Electronic Knee Lift

Raise the presser foot while your hands are busy guiding the fabric.

Quick Help System

Touch the quick help icon for instant information.

Speed Ranges

Adjust sewing speed and your PFAFF performance 5.2 sewing machine remembers your preferred setting until turned off.

Personal Menu

Save your personal stitches and sequences in a folder to sew them again whenever you wish.

Stylus Holder Built-in!

Keeps your stylus at your fingertips.


Download the latest program version from the internet; update quickly with a USB stick.


Choose from different languages in the settings menu. Make sure your PFAFF® performance™ 5.2 sewing machine speaks the same language you do.

Creative Signature™ Sewing Programs

  • Tapering on all 9mm Decorative Stitches – Taper at the beginning and/or at the end of any stitch. Change the angle of taper for unlimited opportunities.
  • Patchwork Program – Sew your seam and the PFAFF performance 5.2 sewing machine will remember the seam length to repeat over and over. Use with utility or decorative stitches for special effects.
  • Single Stitch Program – Set exact number of stitches or sequence repeats you wish to sew.
  • Mirror Image of Stitches – Flip the stitch side to side and/or end to end for even more possibilities.
  • Stitch Positioning – Moves complete stitch right or left to easily align decorative stitches.
  • Stitch Density – The stitch density control adjusts the density, the distance between stitch points that make up the entire stitch. Density can be in- creased or decreased without affecting stitch length.
Sewing Stitching Samples


For over 155 years, PFAFF has developed elegant sewing machines distinguished by sophisticated technology, superior results and ultimate design freedom.

Learn more about the PFAFF Performance 5.2 and other PFAFF sewing machines by visiting one of our locations. PFAFF is a strongly trusted brand known and loved by the Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum community.

We are Colorado’s most trusted sewing machine experts, with stores located in the Denver-metro area, including Littleton, Aurora, Arvada and Colorado Springs. Our experts are happy to walk you through the specifics of this product. Find a location near you today!

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