Outhouses by Anita Goodesign

Cover of Outhouses embroidery design disc

The loo, the john, or the restroom, no matter what you call your bathroom, most of us can agree that when it comes to outhouses, there is still fascination for these artifacts of America’s past.

Although we’ve turned to indoor plumbing, you can still find these structures scattered around the country, in rural areas and cities alike. For this outhouse collection, we wanted to evoke that timeworn look of an aged outhouse in each of the designs.

Each outhouse is backed by a landscape or trees and other decor. On top of the 10 outhouse designs featured in this collection, we’ve also included 5 cute and witty sayings to pair with the pretty privies to create the perfect interior decor for your bathroom!

If out of stock, please contact your local store to see if they can order it for you.


Out of stock

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