Miele Dynamic U1 Vacuum Cleaners

Miele Dynamic U1 Flat to Floor feature
Dynamic U1 HomeCare
Dynamic U1 HomeCare

If you hate vacuuming, we’ve got two words for you: German Engineering.

The Miele Dynamic U1 upright vacuum cleaners deliver the powerful airflow needed to lift and remove dirt, and a sealed system to prevent it from circulating back into the air.

The powerful Dynamic U1 vacuums feature a unique electrobrush that follows the contours of your floor, automatically adjusting for different carpet depths and surface coverings. These vacuums rrovide even, consistent suction and gentle cleaning.

We carry several models in the Miele Dynamic U1 line, each with bonus features that help you maintain a dust and dirt-free home, depending on your specific needs.

Check out the Miele Dynamic U1 line of upright vacuums to find the vacuum that’s just right for you.

Visit us in one of our local stores to learn more about and test drive one of the the Miele Dynamic U1 vacuum cleaners.

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