Magic Design Pen

Magic Design Pen is designed to enhance the creative capability of ANY capacitive touch screen machine. Unlike the standard stylus that comes with your machine, this pen has a fine point that gives you much greater precision and control when using the design center on your machine. Works with Brother Luminaire XP1 and other capacitive touch screen machines.

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Watch our video to see the Magic Design Pen in action!

The Magic Design Pen is compatible with all color touchscreen sewing machines, as well as tablet computers.

It charges via your USB port, and activates the capacitive touch screen found on these models which provides much better response than the standard stylus that comes with the machine.

You will find much greater control when you edit shapes and lines. The selection tools in the design center of your machine are much more responsive the the Magic Design Pen.

The pin point line tool has much greater control with the Magic Design Pen. Use it to add echo lines around areas, and then accent with the machines motifs.

Editing features such as erase and paint also are enhanced.

This stylus works for up to 8 hours per charge and has a standby time of up to 30 days. Generally charges to full within 60-80 minutes.