Floriani Heat N Stay Fusible Tearaway

Floriani Heat N Stay Fusible Tearaway

Built with a light fusible coating, the Floriani Heat N Stay Fusible Tearaway stabilizer was developed for embroidery on light weight cotton, shirt weight denim, linen and other woven fabrics that tend to distort or stretch when they are hooped or when the embroidery is forming.

The Heat N Stay tearaway stabilizer is unique due to the fact that it is fusible, eliminating the need for messy spray adhesives. No more spray which leave a residue on the needle, machine and fabric.

By fusing the stabilizer to the back of the garment, embroiderer’s are more successful in hooping and do not stretch the garment out of shape. Most importantly, the stabilizer is attached to the entire area where the embroidery will be stitched unlike spray adhesives which only “”spot”” tack and allow shifting of the fabric.

This product is also well liked because it offers a clean tear from around the design.

  • Makes hooping a snap by eliminating shift and stretch within the fabric
  • Fibers of the fabric will not move during the stitching process
  • Will support about an 8,000 stitch count, well digitized design.
  • Tears away clean from around the embroidery design.
  • No need for basting or spray adhesives!”

If out of stock, please contact your location Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum store to see if they can order it for you.

$13.99 - $22.49

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