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Embellish Iron-Away Clear Topper

Embellish Iron-Away Topper

Embellish® Iron-Away Clear Topper is for use on the top surface of high pile fabrics such as: burlap, cuddle, fleece, low-pile fake fur, terry cloth, towels, velvet, and textured fabric. Embellish® Iron-Away Clear Topper is used on top of the item in the embroidery hoop. It keeps the thread elevated and prevents it from sinking into the fabric fiber. Embellish® Iron-Away Clear Topper acts as a “spacer” on top of the fabric, so the thread remains raised on top of the material. This topper remains embedded under the thread and prevents the fabric nap from poking through after multiple wash and dry cycles. It is also perfect for keeping decorative satin stitches raised when sewing. We also have a rinse-away topper.

If out of stock, call your local store to see if they have it in store or can order it for you.

$9.49 - $14.99

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