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So, I have some blogging competition! Ha! I know I have a lot of blogging “competition”, but the one I want to talk about is the blog that is on the PFAFF Performance and Creative Icons. Of course, it’s not really competition at all. I love that right there, at my fingertips, while I’m at my Performance Icon, I can open up the mySewNet Blog and get some great tips, ideas and instructions for a project.

mySewNet Blog

The mySewNet blog has Sewing Instructions, Social Media content and Tips & Hints.

Social Media

A preview of what’s happening on PFAFF’s Facebook page, InstagramYou Tube, Pinterest and Twitter feeds are included on the mySewNet Blog.

Sewing Instructions

Topics such as Fancy Bracelets, Embellished Bookmarks and Mug Mats are right there on your mySewNet Blog, ready for you to sew.

Tips & Hints

Check out the mySewNet Blog for some great Tips & Hints. Topics such as using Maxi Stitches, special stabilizer for Stitch in the Ditch sewing, and Needle Art techinques are covered.

One that caught my eye recently was the headband made with ribbon stitching. My granddaughters are going to love one of those to complement their holiday attire.

Photo of Performance Icon screen with various MySewNet Blog topics and the ribbon stitch headband circled.

I love that the Blog has all the instructions for the project right on the screen.

Photo of Performance Icon screen with various MySewNet Blog topics and the ribbon stitch headband circled.

So, do yourself a favor, and check out the mySewNet Blog on your Performance or Creative Icon. I bet you’ll find some great ideas there.

October Deals

Don’t have an Icon? We can fix that! Right now, PFAFF is running a promotion to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the Creative Icon. Come by any of our locations and test drive one of these wonderful machines! You know we’ll make you a great deal. Wow, PFAFF offers 72 months of 0% financing on the Creative Icon now through the end of October to make any deals we make even sweeter.

Graphic of PFAFF October Promo


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  1. Hi,

    I would like some help identifying these feet, I upgraded to a used creative fantasy, pfaff, and have no idea how these are used, or if they are even for the machine.
    I appreciate your time and,
    (if you don’t know, could point to someplace that might)



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