PFAFF Performance Icon is Here!

photo of Pfaff Performance icon with quilt

by Cathy Ellsaesser, posted on

First it was the Creative Icon, and now PFAFF has introduced the Performance Icon for the sewing enthusiast. The PFAFF Performance Icon sewing machine represents everything you’ve come to value from PFAFF. This machine provides a comprehensive and innovative sewing experience that truly delivers to your highest expectations.

PFAFF Performance Icon Features

Huge Multi-Touch Screen with a Smart Digital Interface

PFAFF Performance Icon touch screenThe 10.1in full-color screen works like a smartphone or tablet. It is the largest, most intuitive display available from PFAFF, specially designed to support a dedicated sewist like you.

Built in to the machine are the Help Center, a User’s Guide and Getting Started option to support and inspire sewists.  Look to the Help Center for more than 50 animated or illustrated interactive on-screen, step-by-step guides for reference and efficiency in support of countless projects.  The screen interface features tablet-like ability to swipe, pinch, and zoom.

Power, Stability, and Precision

The base design reduces vibrations, giving you the stability you require for precise results. In addition, the Performance Icon’s piercing power is also nearly twice as strong as previous models, sewing through heavy fabrics with ease.

Power and precision of the PFAFF Performance Icon

Unlimited Creative Freedom

Unleash your creativity with the The Stitch Creator™ feature. Create new stitches up to 9mm or edit the built-in stitches to create just the stitch design you want.

Create new stitch patterns on the Performance Icon

Largest Working Area

The Performance Icon has the market’s largest workspace, with an overall increase in width and height under the arm compared to previous models.  The Performance Icon has the most height ever under the sewing head, so your hands have plenty of room to work with quilts. In addition, all this space also gives you a panoramic view of your large projects.

Photo of PFAFF Performance Icon illustrating machine's large workspace

Unprecedented Lighting Design

The PFAFF Performance Icon gives you the most even work light on the market for the brightest sewing experience. LED lighting is perfectly positioned at the most beneficial points to eliminate shadows.

Photo of lighting on the PFAFF Performance Icon

ActivStitch™ Technology

Apply metallic and novelty threads to your project with expert precision using PFAFF’s revolutionary ActivStitch™ technology.  Thread is fed perfectly through the machine for gorgeous results, all thanks to built-in sensors that actively measure and regulate your thread. Think of all the sparkle you can add to your projects with ease.

Photo of decorative stitch on PFAFF Performance Icon using IDT technology

Enhanced Original IDT

Integrated Dual Feed technology, a PFAFF feature, precisely feeds all types of fabric from the top and bottom for perfect stitching every time. A built-in sensor lets you know when to activate or deactivate it.

Comprehensive Connectivity with WiFi and mySewnet™

Load stitches to your machine from the mySewnet™ app. Get automatic updates via WiFi. Store your designs on the cloud. You can also receive step-by-step sewing instructions and tutorials from the Help Center on demand.

mySewnet from cell phone on PFAFF Performance Icon

More Accessories, More Storage

Take full advantage of the variety of presser feet provided to make your sewing tasks easier. Also included are two large stitch plates that can be stored along with the  presser feet in the rubberized built-in accessory tray.

Automatic Needle Threader

Use all of your favorite threads, even on larger spools, and thread the needle automatically.

Stitches, Stitches and More Stitches

The PFAFF Performance Icon comes with 10 triple ribbon stitches, 23 floating stitches, 13 radiant stitches, 30 stacking stitches and 6 lace edge stitches. Use these stitch techniques for beautifully embellished creations. Check out the PFAFF Performance website for some great ideas for beautifying your home with projects you can do with the PFAFF Performance Icon: Table Decor Hints,  Mirror Quilt projectBottle Decor.

Test Drive a PFAFF Performance Icon

Until now, there is has never been a sewing machine that fully complements the capabilities of a dedicated sewist. Now, the PFAFF Performance Icon delivers uncompromising precision, and lets you express your creative individuality.

The PFAFF Performance Icon executes better than anything you’ve ever experienced.  You have full control over all of your projects down to the finest detail with this machine. Impress yourself and others with the perfect possibilities and results.

Stop in one of our Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum stores and take a test “drive” of the PFAFF Performance Icon. You’ll love it! As always we provide great deals and financing to help you make your sewing dreams come true.


Liyakat ali

I will buy this machine

rob richards

This is a current machine in the lineup. We do currently have a couple of refurbished units in stock.

Laurene Brousseau

What is the age of this machine and do you know how many sewing hours are on it? Do you know the year it was manufactured?

Cathy Ellsaesser

You can logon to MySewNet from your desktop or laptop and use the # sign in your password. Then you can change your password for MYSewNet to one without the #.
For the feet issue, I would take the ankle to the store and see if they can swap it out for another one. Sounds like the slot for the foot to snap into is too big.

Michelle Guadarrama

I have this machine. I cannot connect to my wifi because my password contains the # sign…which is not on the Icon keyboard screen. What is the work around? Also, my feet keep falling off! I’m so disappointed in this machine!

Cathy Ellsaesser

The PFAFF takes class L bobbin.

Oops! I was wrong. Older PFAFF machines use size “L” bobbins, but the Performance Icon users bobbins especially designed for that machine. I could not find a size designation, but you’ll have to go to your dealer and get bobbins specifically for the Performance Icon

Sorry for the confusion.


Hi! Can you tell me what letter size bobbin I need for my Pfaff Performance Icon? Hubbie picked up some J bobbins for me, but they are smaller than the ones that came with my machine. I cannot find in info in manual and have spent an hour on internet🙄