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Sequels aren’t always successful, but in looking at all the new features of the PFAFF creative icon™ 2, I am pretty sure this sequel is going to be a blockbuster! Just take a look at some of this machine’s amazing features!

A.I. Artificial Intelligence

Representation of Artificial Intelligence in the Creative Icon2

The PFAFF® creative icon™ 2 is the first sewing machine in the world engineered with artificial intelligence. To this end, an upgraded microprocesser fuels this machine. As a result, it monitors sewing and reacts to spoken commands. It automatically processes the information in the cloud and delivers peak performance.

As a result, The PFAFF creative icon™ 2 continuously processes information. It constantly learns and improves machine performance. First step — ensure foot and stitch compatibility. Next — continuously add to your machine through automatic software updates with advanced sewing features and functionality.

Speech Recognition

I’m quite sure you’ve probably talked to your sewing machine in the past. But has it ever really listened? Well, it can now!

Representation of Speecj Recognition the Creative Icon2

“Hey, Alexa!” The PFAFF® creative icon™ 2 connects to compatible smart speakers or a mobile phone with the Alexa app. Get assistance without taking your hands off your project. Engage in over 40 helpful interactions. In time, new items will be added.


PFAFF creative icon™ 2 projected grid

User-freiendly functions ensure perfect alignment and spacing.

Stitch Preview

When in sewing mode, see where exactly where stitches will be placed.

Line and Grid Guides

Overlay helpful lines with adjustable angles and grids of adjustable
sizes in sewing mode. Color adjusts for maximum visibility against chosen fabrics.

Embroidery Preview

Select a portion of your embroidery design on screen to preview on
your hooped project.


PFAFF creative icon™ 2 screen showing hoop scanned by camera

Stitch every embroidery design on your PFAFF creative icon™ 2 with certainty using the built-in camera. First, scan the fabric placed in the embroidery hoop. Then see the fabric image on the screen. Next, use the loaded background to preview your design on the fabric and assist with design placement.

Embellishment Attachment

Look out all you embellishers! The world’s first creative™ embellishment attachment is an engineering marvel. It is the first and only embellishment attachment in the industry that automatically guides ribbons, beads, yarn or cording with ease while embroidering. In addition, it rotates 360°. This ensures perfect material placement, and, thus, creates the ultimate in custom embellishment.


mySewnet™ is the world’s only cloud-based embroidery software. Consequently, with mySewnet, design and sharing across devices is a snap.

Illustration of how mysewnet works

Now, with the PFAFF creative icon™ 2 and mySewnet, you can:


Easily save and transfer designs using the mySewnet™ cloud. In addition, get notifications about new machine software updates and wireless downloads.


Browse the mySewnet™ blog directly from your screen with news, tips and hints, free projects and free designs.


Connect your phone or tablet to your machine with the free Android™ and iOS® apps. After that, get help and instructions, monitor embroidery stitch-out process, design placement and more. Oh, and your machine and phone don’t even need to be on the same Wi-Fi® network.


Use Project Creator to develop interactive sewing instructions complete with images, designs and stitches. Then share them with friends. Access instructions on-screen. Additionally, load stitches and designs directly from those instructions. Now your projects are easy to create and replicate.


In order to bring out the full capabilities of the PFaff creative icon™ 2 sewing and embroidery machine, subscribe to mySewnet™ embroidery. In fact, it is the industry’s only subscription-based software service.

mySewnet Basic

This complementary access, included with the purchase of your machine, has:

  • Embroidery edit features such as color change, scale and more!
  • Android™ and iOS® apps. These provide help and project instructions, design placement, stitch out monitoring and photo stitch functions
mySewnet™ Silver

Together with all that mySewnet™ Basic offers, plus:

  • More than 200 high quality embroidery fonts.
  • Resize feature with automatic density recalculation.
  • More than 2,000 Super Designs built to be resized to any size.
  • Encore, Split and Endless Wizards .
  • Access and use of 5,000 patterns in mySewnet™ library.

Note: Get a 90-day free trial of mySewnet™ Silver embroidery
software with the purchase of your machine.

mySewnet™ Platinum

Includes all that mySewnet™ Silver offers, plus:

  • Subscription that stays up-to-date!
  • PFAFF’s most powerful embroidery software yet, so that you can create your own designs!
  • The most tools in the market for assisted digitizing. This includes the new and unique Spiro Design Wizard.
  • Quick Create, Freehand Create or Precise Create modes for digitizing.
  • New embellishment tool to create unique ribbon embroideries.
  • And much, much more.

PFAFF creative icon™ 2 Options

For a limited time, The PFAFF creative icon™ 2 is available in three different, very special, color options. Accordingly, each option has an additional cost and must be pre-ordered prior to December 31, 2020. Oh, and place your preorder now, because these limited edition machines are truly limited. There are only 275 of each available world wide.

After January 1st, all machines ordered will be in Purple Aurora.

PFAFF Creative Icon2 in Aurora Purple

Winter White


This model screams creativity. Like freshly-fallen snow, the gentle white color represents the light of possibility. The play of pattern shows the sewists’ ability to connect ideas in their craft.

The soft texture of the graphic pattern behind glass gives the machine depth as the graphic, textured pattern varies from every angle. Thus, every view of the sewing machine provides interest and movement.

Dusk Fabric


Designers infused this model with the sense that every spark of inspiration can be amplified. Since technology and textiles are integral to today’s sewists, this was a design consideration. As a result, the innovative materials of the machine represent those elements.

Don’t worry, though, only long-lasting, durability-tested fabric proven to resist stains, tears and fading, is used.

Northern Lights


Seeing the Northern Lights is on my bucket list. Do you think that this machine would suffice to fill that goal?

Deep teal is a universally trending color in fashion, interior
design and fabric production. So, naturally, it is the perfect color choice for this machine.

In a word, the rich teal color brings sense of calm. For this reason, it inspires greater connection to every project. Experience how calm gives way to the wonder of pure artistry — much like the wonder of the Northern Lights.

The finish features a luminous, metallic element under smooth, glossy finish. Thus, the curves of the machine are accentuated as if they are highlights in an aurora sky.

I Could Write a Book!

I have only scratched the surface of the features of the PFAFF creative icon™ 2. There is so much more to tell you about this machine than what I have shown above. Click here for a 30 page pdf file, and see for yourself more of the features the PFAFF creative icon™ 2 offers.

I Want It Now!

Sorry, you’ll have to wait a bit at this time. PFAFF is telling us machine is coming in the second quarter of 2021. But don’t worry! I know we’ll be seeing so much more information about this machine as that time draws near.

In the meantime, though, if you’re at all interested in this marvel, contact your local Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum store . Give us a call or visit, and get information on the cost.

I urge you to make a deposit without delay. Remember, the limited editions are indeed limited. To be sure, your deposit is fully refundable if you change your mind after you see the new machine.

PFAFF Creative Icon 2 Unboxing Video

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