OESD Stabilizers

OESD Stabilizers

Beautiful machine embroidery results begin with choosing the right stabilizer for your project. Stabilizer is the foundation for a successful embroidery project. It stabilizes the fabric and keeps it from moving, puckering, or stretching while embroidering. Stabilizer keeps the stitches looking good after embroidery by adding stability to the fabric.

OESD Stabilizers are generally categorized first by how they are removed: CutAway, TearAway, or WashAway. In addition to these three major categories, some items fall into a specialty category, as they either stay in the project or are tools to help with the embroidery process. These major types are color-coded:

In addition to how they are removed, stabilizers are also categorized by other factors. The first is stabilizer weight, such as light, medium, or heavy weight stabilizer. Stabilizers are also identified by their application, such as a pressure-sensitive or water-activated adhesive. Also, some types are available in multiple colors to match fabric or prevent shadowing.

OESD offers stabilizers for all your projects. Not sure which one is best for your project? Come in to one of our four locations and one of our helpful sales associates will be happy to help you!

Rocky Mountain Sewing is proud to offer these OESD stabilizers: