My Experience with the PFAFF 720 Quilting Expression

by Bianca Colombi, posted on

In the world of sewing, the right machine can make all the difference.

That’s exactly what I discovered when my trusty old sewing machine decided to take an untimely vacation. Thanks to Rob Richards, the owner of Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum, I had the opportunity to borrow one of their open-box PFAFF 720 Quilting Expression sewing machines. Little did I know that this machine would not only rescue me from a tight spot but also revolutionized the way I approached sewing.

Elegant Functionality and Precision

The PFAFF Quilt Expression 720 is an embodiment of elegant functionality and precision. It’s a sophisticated and robust machine designed to cater to the needs of both beginners, such as myself, and experienced sewists. At Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum, this machine stands as a testament to the art of sewing.

My Personal Experience with the PFAFF 720 Quilting Expression

Seamless Transition from My Old Machine

When my 12-year-old Singer sewing machine needed repair at the most inopportune time, I felt a wave of panic. I was in the middle of working on substantial clothing commission from a local artist, and time was of the essence. Enter the PFAFF 720 Quilting Expression. It seamlessly filled the void left by my trusty but ailing Singer.

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Eliminating Tedious Tasks with Overlock Function

One of the features that immediately impressed me was the overlock hem function. Before, I was creating French inseams for my garments to hide the raw edges; it was a time-consuming process that cost me hours when trying to produce multiple garments. With the PFAFF 720, this was no longer the case. The overlock function streamlined the process, allowing me to work faster and more efficiently.

Precise Stitching Through Various Fabric Thicknesses

Another revelation was the Integrated Dual Feed Technology. This innovative feature precisely feeds all types of fabric from top and bottom, ensuring perfect stitching every time. It eliminated the need for the “running start” I used to employ on my Singer when dealing with a substantial difference in thickness.

Getting Used to Modern Convenience

Adapting to a computerized machine with no lever for raising the pressure foot was an interesting learning curve. However, I quickly found it convenient to control the pressure foot using the foot control. The transition was smooth, and I appreciated the modern touch.

The Scissor Button: A Love Affair

One feature that I absolutely fell in love with was the scissor button. This ingenious addition perfectly finishes your stitching with no reverse stitching required. It not only saves time but also ensures a clean and professional look to your sewing projects. As a beginner garment sewist, this was an absolute game-changer for me.


My personal journey with the PFAFF 720 Quilting Expression sewing machine was an eye-opening revelation. From eliminating time-consuming tasks with the overlock function to effortlessly sewing through different fabric thicknesses with the Integrated Dual Feed Technology, this machine transformed my sewing experience. The convenience of the computerized pressure foot and the joy of the scissor button were just the cherries on top. If you’re looking to elevate your sewing game, I highly recommend visiting Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum to test drive the PFAFF Quilt Expression 720. It’s not just a machine; it’s a game-changer that will redefine how you approach your sewing projects.

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