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The Oxford Language Dictionary defines moxie as “Force of character, or nerve.” A couple of other sources use words like having energy or pep, courageousness, guts/attitude and confidence/determination. In similar fashion, Handi Quilter uses the word “ spunky” to described their latest entry into the longarm quilting market — the Moxie.

It’s Fun! You’re Fearless! Your Quilt’s Finished!

Own every stitch —from pieced top to finished quilt. Fifteen inches of free-motion freedom in the new HQ Moxie™ longarm quilting machine is your palette. Forget basting with pins or cramming quilts through a domestic machine. Get to stitching quickly with straightforward features, easy-to-use controls, and the space to get creative. Quilt without qualms, adventure with attitude—that’s Moxie.


Throat Space

Throat space is extremely important when it comes to quilting machines. Without a doubt, quilters need as much space as possible to avoid the hassle of refolding or repositioning the quilt.

The Moxie has a 15” throat space. Practically speaking, you can quilt about a 12″ block comfortably without having to roll the quilt back and forth. Thus you can quilt larger patterns without repostioning your quilt. In other words, get your quilts done faster.

Handi Quilter Moxie-quarter-view

High-resolution, full-color display

Easy on the eyes, and in high resolution the Moxie screen makes it easy to set and see needle position, stitch length, machine speed, etc.

High-Speed Rotary Hook

A rotary hook system involves a hook rotating constantly around a stationary bobbin to catch the thread. The Moxie sews up to 1800 spm (stitches per minute). Coupled with the high speed rotary hook in the Moxie, stiches are more precise and smooth. In addition, the machine runs with minimum noise, and still produces high-quality professional quilting results without continuous thread jams.

Up to 1800 SPM on the Moxie

Well, everyone wants their work to be productive and efficient, and Handi Quilter Moxiemakes that dream come true as the machine comes with a high stitching speed of 1800 SPM (Stitches per Minute). It goes without saying that this kind of stitching speed lets you finish your quilting projects faster than you even imagine.

Manual Thread Tension Control

While automatic thread tension is a pretty awesome and convenient feature, you can also enjoy the flexibilty of setting tension to your desired level. Thus, bring precision and control over the thread tension.

Handi Quilter Moxie Tension Control Tensioner Closeup

Large Capacity M-Class Bobbin Fits the Moxie

It’s great to have a good throat space for more efficiency and productivity, but how will it be of use if you’ll have to keep wasting time on refilling the bobbin multiple times?

So, to make that convenient and efficient, Handi Quilter Moxie comes with a large capacity M-Class Bobbin. In particular, that rids you of the hassle of multiple refilling of the bobbin. Continue with your quilting with minimum stops for bobbin refilling. In my experience with a longarm, I can get over 22,000 stitches per bobbin(13/inch) using 40wt thread.

Other Features of the Moxie

  • Choose from Cruise or Precision stitch regulation or Manual Mode
  • Includes ruler foot and open-toe foot
  • USB port for easy software updates
  • Built-in LED lighting to illuminate quilting space
  • Compatible with all interchangeable Handi Feet

Frame Options for the Moxie

Right Size for Your Studio

How much space do you have? Presently, there are several frame options for the Moxie –8 feet, 10 feet or 5 feet.

Handi Quilter Moxie size map

Loft Frame

The versatile 8 ft. HQ Loft™ Frame comes with the Moxie. Obviously, it features the essentials of a professional quilting frame system.

  • The 8-foot HQ Loft Frame extends easily to a 10-foot length with the optional 2-Foot Extension Kit.
  • Height-adjustable table is customizable for any quilter.
  • Choose from two different loading modes.
    • High (for a standard “quilt in the trough” experience, useful for beginners)
    • Low (for better visibility when using rulers)
  • Provides a firm base for longarm quilting with high-quality, powder-coated steel.
  • Smooth motion on the frame wheel track makes for beautiful stitches.
  • Ratcheted-pole ends hold quilt firmly for perfect stitching.

HQ Little Foot™ Frame

The HQ Little Foot Frame is a great choice for stand-up quilting in a small space.  Overall length of frame is just 5 feet long and fits in the tightest studios.  The frame offers a quilting space of 14” x 48”. Of course, its innovative design accommodates any size quilt on its free-standing frame. Further, it’s adjustable from 33” to 44” in height. Easy to assemble, this professional-grade system is made of high-quality steel. Finally, leveling feet adjust to variable floor surfaces

Just lay your basted quilt sandwich over the frame. Then, hold in place with the included quilt clamp management system: 6 Easy-Grasp Clamps, 1 Super Clamp and 6 Hold-Tight Clamps.


The Handi Quilter BILT app provides animated 3-D assembly instructions for the frame and machine. BILT’s innovative technology provides a simple-to-use interface. It makes complicated processes easy to digest and understand.

BILT app logo

A Word About Handi Quilter

Designed by a Quilter, For Quilters

Handi Quilter understands what quilters need: a reliable, low-maintenance longarm quilting machine. It must not only make it easy for you to finish more quilts, but also must look great in your studio. Whether you quilt for fun, charity, or profit, Handi Quilter’s innovative technology and quality engineering provide the functionality that you demand. Add to that the smoothest stitch in the industry, and get ready to quilt!

All of their longarm quilting machines are backed by the trusted HQ warranty. In addition, more than 300 trained HQ local retailers, and HQ customer service, education, and technical support are available to you. Likewise are online resources such as the Color Play booklet, free patterns, tutorials, and more.

In short, with Handi Quilter, you’ll be able to finish more quilts to your own or your customers’ exacting standards.

Want To Know More About the Moxie?

Check out Megan in our video as she shows some of the features of the Moxie. Then, learn how easy it is to get started in Handi Quilter’s comprehensive, step-by-step tutorials with HQ Studio Educator, Kelly Ashton. Watch and learn about  HQ Moxie’s straightforward features and easy-to-use controls.

Come In To Test Drive The Moxie

Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum is Colorado’s most trusted sewing machine store. Come on in to any of our 4 locations, and let our experts walk you through the specific of this longarm quilting machine. Then, compare it to all the other longarm quilting machines we carry. We know you’ll find the best fit for you. Handi Quilter is a strongly trusted brand known and loved by the Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum community.