Simply MARVELous! Marvel Designs for Brother Embroidery Machines

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Look  at that bunch of characters! Rob and his staff have dressed up as super heroes to let you know that you can now purchase Marvel designs for Brother embroidery machines.

Marvel Designs for Brother Embroidery Machines

Marvel designs, available from iBroidery, feature the Avengers,  Guardians of the Galaxy, Kawaii Marvel Art, Marvel Superhero Adventures and Spiderman. Click on the icons below to see the designs included in each collection.

Icons depicting the different Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Designs for Brother Embroidery Machines available at iBroideryIcons depicting the different Kawaii Marvel Designs for Brother Embroidery Machines available at iBroideryIcons depicting the different Super Hero Marvel Designs for Brother Embroidery Machines available at iBroideryIcons depicting the different Spiderman Marvel Designs for Brother Embroidery Machines available at iBroidery



If you are not familiar with the iBroidery web site, we hope you’ll take a look to see all of the amazing designs available for you to download to your machine. In addition to the MARVEL designs, Brother offers additional Disney and Pixar designs that you can downloaded. What great additions these will make to your embroidery design library!

Screen shot of different categories of designs available at iBroidery


The Process

Brother allows download of the designs on the iBroidery website based on what Brother machine you have. You must set up an account and register your Brother machine. Every design must be linked to a  specific Brother machine.  Once you have registered your machine, you can purchase those designs that fit  based on your machine’s hoop size.  If your machine’s largest hoop is 5 x 7, then you will not be able to download designs larger than that. You can associate a design to a different Brother Embroidery Machine up to three times.

Click here for the complete rules for download and use of the designs.

Machine compatibility

If you own an older Brother machines that uses writable embroidery cards to upload designs to the machine (e.g. HE120, Innov-is500D, Innov-is900D, LB6770, LB6770PRW, PE700II and/or SE270D or SE350), you can still use the Marvel Designs for Brother Embroidery Machines. You will have to use PED-Basic (v 1.07 or higher) to pass purchased iBroidery designs through your computer to the PED-Basic program. Once on your computer, you can save the designs to the (proprietary) formatted writable memory card.

Of course, newer Brother machines that use a USB stick to load designs do not require the PED interface. You can download the designs from the website directly to your USB media.

Please see  iBroidery Customer Serivice for more details.

Don’t Own a Brother Embroidery Machine?

I personally have three machines capable of embroidery, the Brother PR1000e,  The Brother Quattro (In’novis 6000D) and the Bernina 830. I wouldn’t dream of doing without the Quattro, so I can embroider Disney, Marvel and other Brother-exclusive designs for my grandchildren.  (The Brother PR1000e is not licensed for these designs because of the potential for commercial production.) So, even if you have another brand of embroidery machine, if you want Disney or Marvel, you’ll have to get a Brother. Brother has the exclusive license for these designs. As a result, they are legally available only to owners of Brother embroidery machines.

Wouldn’t it be fun to add Marvel Designs to a little boy’s shirt or backpack? We hope you’ll stop in to your local Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum store and consider a new Brother machine.  We have a range of machines to fit your budget, good financing and trade-in plans.


Brother has joined forces with some powerful characters to help strengthen your creations. Visit today to see who’s best to add some punch to your projects.

Spiderman, one of the Marvel Designs for Brother Embroidery Machines available at iBroidery as part of their Marvel Collection

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