Make It Personal By Creating a Monogram: Part 2, Monogramming Software & Machines

In Creating a Monogram Part I, I provided some style guidelines for creating a monogram. With this blog, I will discuss using software and embroidery machines to create monograms. You’ll see how easy it is to “make it personal” with software and embroidery machines you can use to create monograms. At Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum, we carry a great line of software and embroidery machines for creating monograms, so stop in for a demo.

Embroidery Machines

Most, if not all, embroidery machines have built-in fonts that you can use to create a monogram right from your machine.  Here are a few:

Brother Machines

The Dream Machine 2

Photograph of the Brother Dream Machine 2
Brother Dream Machine 2

What can’t you do with the Dream Machine 2? The Cadillac of the Brother single needle machines can do it all, and monogramming is a snap.  Built into the machine are 22 embroidery lettering fonts and 5 sewing lettering fonts. These can be further enhanced by placing them in one of the 140 frame pattern combinations. From the machine you can change the font style, size, orientation and placement with ease. No software required!

Persona and Entrepreneur Pro X

Photograph of Brother Persona Embroidery Machine
Brother Persona
Photograph of Brother Entrepreneur Pro X
Brother Entrepreneur Pro X

If you are trying to monogram children’s garments like onesies, socks, pants, you know how hard it is to do that on a flat bed embroidery machine. You either have to take the garment apart so you can lay it flat, or roll it up around the hoop, to make sure nothing gets underneath the sewing area. The days of struggling to monogram finished or cylinder materials, or opening seams to get items hooped properly, are now over!

The unique tubular free arm configuration in Persona (PRS100) and Entrepreneur Pro X (PR1050X) gives you the flexibility and ease to monogram difficult to reach areas such as caps, pockets and sleeves. Like all Brother machines, these two come with built in fonts so you can design you monogram “on the fly” right in the machine without having to use a computer.

The Persona has 20 embroidery fonts, 140 frame pattern designs, and 6 monogramming font styles. With the Persona, you can input multiple lines of text, change the size, centering and array with ease. Take a look at how easy it is by watching this video.

The Entrepreneur Pro X is the latest  Brother 10 needle embroidery machine. It has powerful on-screen letter editing built in. You can input multiple lines of lettering and then go back and edit many different ways – insert elements, divide letters, words or phrases, combine selected words, change the font style and size of individual letters or a whole line of text.

Both the Persona and the Entrepreneur Pro X have frames for embroidering caps, so you can expand your repertoire of personalized items to include ball caps.

Innov-ís NQ1400E

Photo of Brother 1400 E embroidery machine
Brother Innov’is 1400E

Another option for creating beautiful monograms is the Brother NQ1400E. This embroidery-only machine has on-screen letter editing, 11 embroidery lettering fonts, 140 frame pattern combinations and a large 6×10 embroidery area.

These are just three of the Brother machines that you can pick from at Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum. There are many more models to choose from, and I’m sure you can find just the one to suit your needs and budget.

Bernina Embroidery Machines

RMSV carries an assortment of Bernina embroidery machines, and I’m sure one of these is just waiting for you to take it home! These machines offer a wealth of options including cursive lettering effects and the ability to combine decorative stitches or alphabets with embroidery.


Photograph of Bernina model 700E Embroidery and Sewing Machine
Bernina 700E

If you already have a sewing machine that you love, but would like to get into embroidery, the 700E is one of Bernina’s embroidery-only machines. This beauty comes with 18 embroidery alphabets and one large monogram set.



Photograph of bernina 770QEE embroidery and sewing machine
770 QEE

The Bernina 770QEE combines the best features of a quilting and embroidery machine. It has 6 built in embroidery alphabets.



Photograph of Bernina 880 Sewing and Embroidery Machine
Bernina 880

The top of the line  Bernina 880 has 12 built in embroidery alphabets, and a wealth of features available to help you create the perfect monogram. With the new built-in stitch designer, you can create your own letters for that special monogram.


You can compare the features of these and other Bernina machines by clicking on this link:

Pfaff Embroidery Machines

I love that many of the Pfaff machines have the word “creative” in their names. These machines are so packed full of features, they’ll help you create the most beautiful monograms you can imagine.

Creative 1.5

Photograph of Pfaff Creative 1.5 Sewing and Embroidery machine
Pfaff Creative 1.5

Monogram a pretty pillow with the Pfaff Creative 1.5 .  This project even incorporates candlewicking into the design. Wouldn’t your bed look lovely with one or more of these pillows on it?

The Creative 1.5 offers so many features to help you create the perfect monogram and comes with two built in fonts that you don’t usually see on an embroidery machine, Curlz and Graphite. These fonts are great for informal monograms, especially for children.

Creative Sensation Pro II

Photograph of Pfaff Creative Sensation Pro II
Creative Sensation Pro II






Photo of handkerchief with letter K monogrammed on top of cut work circle
Cut Work with Monogram

Imagine adding cut work to your monogram design. With the cut work needles included with the Creative Sensation Pro II, you can do just that! What bride wouldn’t want to carry something as lovely as this handkerchief on her wedding day?

Or, monogram an e-reader case or slippers. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.  Pfaff has a great library of projects that you can create for yourself or someone special, complete with a monogram. The Creative Sensation Pro II has 4 built-in embroidery fonts,  available in 3 different sizes including upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers and symbols.

Illustration of 6 fonts built into the Pfaff Creative Sensation Pro II
Creative Sensation Pro II built-in fonts

This is just a sampling

For the purposes of this article, I have focused on the features of some the machines that help you create monograms. These machines have so many more features to explore. Also, this is just a sampling of the embroidery machines Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum carries. There are many more, at all price ranges, and one is sure to fit your budget. Of course, we always have great deals and financing. So stop by your local RMSV store and test drive one or two. The expert staff can guide you to the machine that is perfect for you, whether you prefer Brother, Bernina or Pfaff. Come see them all!

Going Beyond the Built-in Fonts — Software

If you need more than the built-in letters or styles on your machine, you’ll either need a monogram alphabet design set or software to create your own.

Monogram Design Programs

If you purchased and embroidery machine from Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum, your package deal might have included editing software.  Of course, there are many editing programs available, and it would be impractical to highlight all of the different editing software available.  So for the purposes of this blog, I’ll just focus on Floriani Total Control -U and Brother BES4.

Floriani Total Control-U

Creating monograms is easy with Floriani software.  Select the Monogram tool  and click on the workspace.  In the Properties box, edit the letters, select the size and the font, and click apply.  If you select one of the monogram fonts (they have the monogram font icon next to them instead of the A), there will be a Décor box where you can select the decoration to go around your monogram.   You can also use some of the fonts that start with Mono and change the Type to Monogram for additional options. For a more detailed look at how to design a monogram in the Floriani software watch this video.

Monograms are only a small part of what Floriani Total Control-U can create. This full featured program allows you to edit existing designs or create your own. I’ll delve further into Floriani Total Control-U in a future blog.

BES4 Dream Edition

BES4 Dream Edition™ Embroidery Lettering Software is a true innovation in embroidery lettering, monogramming & customization software. The software is a full-featured desktop software that includes a new wireless upgrade for select Brother machines.  With 199 pre-digitized fonts and customization features this software makes monogramming a snap. If you want to applique letters, BES4 has ScanNCut compatibility. You can convert cut files into applique embroidery files, then embroider on your embroidery machine. Watch this video to see a short demonstration on creating a monogram with BES4 Dream Edition.

If you think that this software is only for owners of the Dream Machine, think again. Select Brother machines can use the wireless hardware included with BES4. So, if you have a Brother Quattro or a Dreamweaver, you might be able to use the BES4 wireless feature. Check out the table to see if your machine is compatible. You will get the capability of sending designs wirelessly from your computer to your embroidery machine. You’ll also get a great software package that makes it easy to create beautiful monograms.

Monogram Design Collections

Don’t want to create your own monograms from “scratch”? If so, you can buy a monogram design set that usually includes three sets of letters: the large center, left and right. You can combine the letters of your choice to put together into three letter monograms. Some of them also have designs for borders or flourishes. To see some of these,  visit your Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum store to check out Anita Goodesign, Floriani or OESD monogram products.

Anita Goodesign has several embroidery collections that provide some beautiful monograms such as Floral Monogram, Heirloom Monogram, and Nantucket Monogram just to name a few. OESD has 68 monogram collections from Monster Monogram Appliques to Luxurious Monograms. If you use Floriani Total Control U (FTC-U) software, you can add a “UDesign It” Circle Monogram to your program. They also have a few other embroidery collections such as Antique Script Letters that can be used to create beautiful monograms.

Now It’s Up To You

So, there you have it.  I hope I’ve inspired you to use software and embroidery machines to create monograms. Add a monogram to your favorite blouse, your child’s backpack, or your grandchild’s bib. Add a monogram to a towel or sheet set to give as a wedding gift.  Monogrammed gifts are sure to please, and you can be sure they’ll be displayed proudly. With the machines and software available at Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum, the possibilities are endless. So what are you waiting for?

We’d love to see some monogram items you have created. You are welcome to post some pictures of your monogram projects in the comments on the blog, along with what machine and software you use. Just write your comment and upload your photo by clicking on the “choose file” button under Upload Attachment. Please note the format and size limits. Also, include any tips or tricks you have to Make It Personal By Creating a Monogram. Thanks!