Brother Luminaire XP2 : Light Years Beyond

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Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how something that seems perfect can be improved! Well, the engineers at Brother have succeeded making perfect better with the new Brother Luminaire XP2. Sewing technology has just gone from light years ahead to light years beyond. Brilliant new quilting innovations and app based features available from your mobile devices, allow you to find perfection in every stitch. As Rob would say, “It’s more gooder!”

In my blogs The Brother Luminaire. Part 1: Light Years Ahead and The Brother Luminaire XP1: Part 2 Embroidery and My Design Center, I reviewed the marvelous features of the Luminaire XP1 a couple of years ago. Of course, all those features are still in the Luminaire XP2. So let’s take a look at the new and improved features built in to the Luminaire XP2.

What’s New

Mobile Apps

My Stitch Monitor Mobile App

Enable wireless LAN connectivity between your PC and the Luminaire 2 to keep track of your embroidery with the My Stitch Monitor mobile app on your iOS and AndroidTM device. Walk away from your machine and receive convenient notifications via your mobile device when you need to change threads or if your project has finished stitching.

It’s a Snap! My Design Snap Mobile App for Image Transfer

Sometimes little sisters can teach a thing or two to their big sister. Taking some lessons from the Stellaire, the Luminaire now utilizes My Design Snap to transfer images wirelessly from your cell phone or tablet to the Luminaire. Select a picture of line art or an illustration from your iOS or AndroidTM mobile device and send it directly to the Luminaire 2 through your wireless network. Personalization and customization are now available in seconds.

Enhanced InnovEye Plus Technology

Photo of Luminaire Xp2 illustrating the Innoveye feature magnifying the design on the screen

Get an even more precise and accurate experience with the enhanced InnovEye Plus Technology. The camera viewing area now scans your embroidery area up to 800% wider than before. In addition, InnovEye Plus Technology has faster scanning speeds than prior models, so you can spend more time creating, and less time waiting.

End Point Sewing Function

Brother Luminaire Innovis XP2 sewing embroidery machine

Has this ever happened to you when using a decorative stitch? You get to where you want the stitch to end, but have only part of the stitch sewn.

Utilizing the built-in camera-like feature in the InnovEye Plus Technology, you can now stop your stitch in the perfect place, and have a complete stitch, by just placing the Snowball End Point Sewing Sticker on your project.

Quiltbroidery on the Luminaire XP2

Only the Luminaire XP2 has 5 options of 2 color quilt sash designs. Also enjoy 5 hexagon shapes for auto-split sash. Then choose from either single or triple stitch, and let your stitches stand out on your projects. Brother calls it Quiltbroidery!

Brother Luminaire Innovis XP2 sewing embroidery machine

Enhanced My Design Center

  • Forty two decorative fills
  • Includes “Undo” feature, with added “Redo” capability

Built-In Embroidery Designs and Sewing Stitches

  • 1,322 Built-In embroidery designs
  • 192 Disney & Pixar characters
  • 154 utility stitches
  • 670 Built-in decorative stitches
  • 10 Disney sewing stitches
  • 24 Embroidery lettering fonts
  • 4 Sewing lettering fonts
Graphic illustrating Disney designs available on the Luminaire XP2

Features of the Luminaire XP2

Below is a list of those features new the XP2. For a complete list of the features of the Luminaire XP2, check out our product page.

General Features

  • 4x larger viewing area
  • Faster scanning in high resolution*

My Design Center

  • Includes “Undo” feature, with added “Redo” capability


  • Higher scanning speed than previous machines
  • Embroider up to 1,050 stitches per minute, with faster completion speed than previous machines
  • Enhanced embroidery thread palettes
  • Auto Split of quilt block sashes function with 30 (incl. 5x Hexagon/5x 2-color) built-in designs
  • Built-in hexagon shapes for auto split sash to give you more options for your embroidery/quilting projects!
  • Two-color quilting sash designs for eye catching, colorful borders


  • End point sewing feature using Snowball End Point Sewing Sticker
  • Image projected in a larger area than previous machines

LCD Display

  • Faster on-screen design rendering than previous models


  • My Stitch Monitor mobile app
  • My Design Snap mobile app for image transfer directly to your machine
  • Higher power CPU than previous models

Optional Accessories

Speaking of “quiltbroidery”, Brother has made in-the-hoop quilting a breeze with their new “Hoopnetic”magnetic sash frame. Hoop thick materials with ease. Avoid fabric shifting and the need to rehoop the fabric when connecting designs or embroidering large areas. Simply slide the fabric on the frame for the next area to be embroidered.

Photo of  Brother hoopnetic magnetic frame

Need a little help seeing up close at the needle? How about a magnifying lens that easily attaches to your Luminaire XP2? The lens has 2 layers that you can easily flip down, so you can watch your stitching without straining your eyes.

Luminaire XP2 magnifying lens

Bundle of Joy

Graphic showing bundle that comes with the Luminaire XP2 for a limited time

I’m sure you realize we usually have a special introductory price and a “bundle of goodness” when we introduce a new machine. Well, the roll out of the Luminaire XP2 is no exception!

The included bundle when you buy a Luminaire XP2 is a $7200 value! Here’s what it includes:

  • 4PC Luminaire Luggage Set (improved handle and wheels)
    • Two-piece rolling bag set with 360-degree wheels and a telescopic handle
    • Embroidery arm bag safely stores the machine’s arm when not in use
    • Zippered compartments to hold embroidery hoops, notions and other supplies
    • Soft-sided accessory bag and dust cover are also included
    • Echo quilting, enhanced image tracing, round and flexible fill stitches
    • Enable Wireless LAN connectivity between your PC and Luminaire 2 to send embroidery designs back and forth wirelessly
  • The 2500 Embroidery Designs, are random nature/shapes/holiday etc.
  • 24 spools of Pacesetter Embroidery Thread

But Wait….There’s More!

Are you a member of the Wolf Pack and the Fashion Sewing Club? If so, you know all about Angela Wolf. You know what a great sewist she is, and how much she can teach us about Brother sewing and embroidery. So Brother is including Angela Wolf’s Luminaire Masterclass Online class with 15 chapters filled with streaming HD. This Masterclass from Angela includes:

  • Video tutorials that you can access anytime
  • Machine Feature HD Videos
  • Tutorials on Using My Design Center
  • Sewing, Embroidery, and Quilting Lessons and Projects
  • Resource Video Library

What a great way to get to know how to use all the wonderful features of your new Luminaire XP2!

Please note, this bundle is only available for a limited time, so act fast!

Come In For A Test Drive

Rules, rules, rules keep us from posting the price online in any way. We can’t even quote a price over the phone. Please reach out to any of our four locations or submit a pricing request for the Luminaire XP2. We have a low price guarantee and will never be under sold by an authorized retailer! We would love to earn your business.  

So come visit one of our stores to get the skinny on the pricing for this new wonder. Of course, we also have no interest financing available to make owning this marvel possible for small monthly payments that fit your budget. Talk to one of our stores’ sales associates today!


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Cynthia Farris

I have the luminaire xp1 and it came with a 2 piece trolley. I can figure out how to put the machine in the trolley to travel. Are there any videos or instructions for it?

Cathy Ellsaesser

Yes! We do take trade-ins. Please go to or call one of our stores for more information. The Luminaire is an AMAZING machine! If you do go in, please mention that you saw information about the machine on our blog. Thanks!!

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