Let’s Get Sew Organized!

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New Year, new resolutions! We’ve put it off long enough! Now’s the time to clean out the clutter in our sewing rooms, and ORGANIZE! So, this year we are challenging you to get your sewing space organized. Thus, the Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum 2020 Sew Organized Challenge!

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It is always a challenge to get our sewing spaces in order. It’s like the old adage, “How do you eat an elephant?” The answer is, “one bite at a time”. (I’m not sure, though, why anyone would want to eat an elephant!) So, we are going to break up organizing your sewing space up, “one bite at a time,” into monthly challenges — one area/per month. By the end of the year you have everything organized, labeled and ready for more sewing challenges in 2021.

How It Works

Focus Area

Early each month we’ll announce a challenge area for organization, such as fabric or thread or patterns, etc. You will have all month to organize that area and post a picture of what you did.

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Tools to Help

We’ll provide a list of products we carry that can help you with that challenge, and a 30% off coupon for those items that can be purchased in our stores.


Take a “before” and “after” photo of the challenge area in your studio that corresponds with that month’s challenge. (We’ll settle for just an “after” picture, but would really love both before and after!)

Post picture(s) on our Facebook page or on your Instagram or in a comment to that month’s blog that issued the challenge. Instagram users, please use the general Instagram hashtag #RMSVGetSewOrganized for your posts. Each month there will be an additional hashtag for that month’s challenge. Be sure to use the hashtags with your Instagram post so I can find them and enter your name in the drawings.

Deadline for posting pictures will be the first day of the month following the month’s challenge.

The Prize

Shortly after the deadline, a monthly winner will be chosen by random drawing from the names of those who posted. Prize will be a $100 RMSV gift card.

Photo of Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum gift card

Bonus Chance To Win

If you use one of the associated products we have for sale in one of our stores, we’ll double your chance to win, but you must include that product in your picture.

The Fine Print

  • Gift cards must be picked up at a Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum location.
  • One entry per person per challenge, although a person may post more than one picture.
  • If the “after” picture includes a RMSV product stocked for the challenge, then two entries will be awarded.
  • The 30% off coupon for that month’s challenge expires on the last day of the month the challenge was issued.
  • Entries must be posted by the first day of the month following the challenge.

2020 Monthly Challenge Areas

Each month I will provide updated challenge areas. So, check back to this blog often to see what’s next.

Notions Available Online

All notions available for the Get Sew Organized monthly challenges to date are available online under Products/Sewing Notions/Cathy’s Blog Shop. Products are discounted 30% off, and we’re offering free shipping for a limited time.

Please note, some items may be out of stock, and have to be ordered from our distributors. Someone from the store will let you know if this is the case.

9 thoughts on “Let’s Get Sew Organized!

  1. Unlike FB on Instagram you can not add pictures to a post in the comments and I can no post on your account. So how do you suggest following along on Instagram?

    1. Post the picture(s) to your Instagram account and use the hashtags #RMSVGetSewOrganized and #RMSVFabricChallenge.
      That way, I (or anyone on Instagram) can search on those hashtags and will find what you post. Then I can enter your name for the drawing.
      You can also include a picture in comments on the blog post about the monthly challenge or on the FB post that announces that month’s challenge.
      Looking forward to seeing your picture(s).

  2. This challenge motivated me to work on sorting my fabric into color groups, prints and Christmas. I finally have all my Christmas fabric on one shelf. I used several 7″x10.5″ fabric organizers to fold my cream colored fabric on. They are on the shelf below the thread box. I hope it stays organized!


    1. Wonderful. This really looks great. Thanks for participating, and, since you used the 7×10.5 fabric organizers, your name will be entered twice in the drawing. Winner will be announced Feb. 1.

  3. 2020 sewing get organized. A good start on all my fabrics stored in bins. It’s nice having them displayed on the shelves where I can actually see what I have!


  4. This is my fabric space. All of my fabric is organized a little cards that are 5” x 6”. And then organized by colors or styles. As I figure them out for a quilt I put them in little bins or bags with the patterns inside


  5. Barb Achenbach sent these pictures for me to post…a before and after! Great job Barb! I’ve entered your name in the drawing for the $100 gift card.


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