Photo of various Floriani products: stabilizers, thread, tools, specialty items

Fun, Fabulous, Floriani.

The name that means beautiful quilting and embroidery.

“Flor-i-an-i”– This Italian name has become well known among home embroiderers nationwide over the past decade! The Floriani name has a prominent history in the world of commercial embroidery. Moving to the U.S. in the early 1900s, the Floriani family brought with them the art of mechanized embroidery. The late Walter Floriani Sr. was dedicated to producing unsurpassed methods of digitizing and machine embroidery, and his influence will long be an integral part of the commercial embroidery industry.

Producing the product line that carries the Floriani namesake was the genius of Ricky and Kay Brooks, also known as RNK, Inc. They intended to offer a line of machine embroidery products destined to make embroidery more beautiful. The Floriani name has stood for beautiful embroidery for decades, and Ricky and Kay had years of experience in selling some of the first embroidery machines that were introduced to the home market. Adopting the Floriani name for their product line was only natural!

Stabilizers • Thread • Designs  • Scissors •  Embroidery Accessories

Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum is proud to be an authorized dealer of these Floriani products;

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