Embroidery Fun with OESD Designs

by Cathy Ellsaesser, posted on

I just love OESD designs. They create wonderful, creative designs, and I have stitched out several of their free standing lace designs and even blogged about a few: Let’s Build a Snowman: Freestanding Embroidered Snowman from OESD and Christmas Napkins with Lace Corners For Your Holiday Table and Holiday Wreath from OESD.

Lately, though, I’ve started stitching out some more “traditional” OESD designs, and am so happy with the results. Besides their free standing lace, they also have some down right gorgeous embroidery designs and projects. Many of their designs incorporate applique or rhinestones or tufted satin stitches.


The Designers

Oh, the designers/artists they use: Laural Birch, Amanda Murphy, Shannon Roberts, Ann Lauer, Tula Pink, and others — what a line up!

snap shot of web page of links to artists' designs on OESD website

Look at some of the cute collections available from just a few of these talented people:

Amanda Murphy

Ann Lauer

Laurel Burch

Shannon Roberts

Tula Pink

The Digitizers

OESD designs digitizers carefully work to reduce embroidery thread changes, eliminate thread traps, and then test sew every single machine embroidery design created in their studio. A safety tack down stitch is incorporated into most of their applique designs so if you accidentally clip the outer stitch tackdown stitch, it’s okay and the satin stitch at the end will cover it up.

photo of tackdown stitch sewn out for an OESD design

For “stitch n turn” projects that involved turning the item right side out after it’s sewn, they incorporate a few stitches into the seam allowance (red arrows below) to make folding in the opening and hand sewing it closed easier.

Illustrated seam allowance in OESD designs stitch and turn

I’m Busy Stitching!

Zen Bookmarks

Zen Bookmarks

I saw these bookmarks back in February, and have been wanting to try to sew them out. Now seems like the perfect time as I can mail them to my son and his family who are avid readers of actual books — no electronic books for them!

You know I like stuff made from cork! So, I made some bookmarks on cork, but also some on balsa wood. I’ve always been intrigued by John Caulkin, one of our customers at Arvada, who stitches out the most amazing embroidery designs on balsa wood. If you haven’t seen his work, click here, and prepare to be amazed.

So this is a bit of a teaser, and I need to finish taking pictures as I sew to show you the step-by-step for making these bookmarks out of balsa wood and out of cork. But here are a few picture of the finished products to get you thinking! I’ll post a “how to blog” in the next couple of days.

Punny Kitchen

I love puns, and the word sew can be used in place of “so” in “sew” many ways. Sew, (ha!) I was delighted to see that Scissortail Stitches (an OESD affiliate) is releasing a collection called Punny Kitchen later this month. We got a hold of some design files so we could make samples, and I stitched out these two.

I didn’t see the collection online yet, but you can order the CD from us. We’ll have to order it in for you, but it won’t take long to get it.

Yippee! A Discount Code

If you love OESD as much as I do, you might want to take advantage of a 30% off discount code on online designs available March 19 through March 26 April 9. Act fast and gobble up those designs you didn’t even know you needed or wanted! Go to wp.rockymountainsewing.com/products/embroidery

Screenshot of RMSV web site to select embroidery designs

and click on “Embroidery Online Site”.

screen shot of RMSV website page for entry to the OESD microsite

or just click here to go right to our affiliate site. Please make sure that Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum is listed as “your store” so the discount code will be available to you.

Put those designs you want in your shopping cart and when you’re ready to check out use the code RMSV30 . Add the code under Coupons, click on Add Coupon and then Proceed to Checkout.

You will also need to go to the Scissortail Stitches site for their designs. Good news, though, you use the same login as you do for the EmbroideryOnline site and get the same discount when you use the RMSV30 code. Just make sure that Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vac is listed as “Your Local Store”. When you go to check out there will be a place to indicate us as Your Local Store.

Coming Soon to My Blog

While we’re all cooped up, I thought I’d try to do some “how to” blogs that I’ve been “meaning to write” for some time now. So be on the lookout on our web page and Facebook for announcements when a new blog is posted. Some of these how to blogs will be using some of the OESD designs I’m downloading.

Worried About How to Download?

OESD has a video tutorial on how to download designs that you purchase. Check it out here.

If you just don’t want to download designs, don’t let that stop you from getting the OESD designs that you want. Where possible I’ll put the ones I highlight in my blog on our website at “Cathy’s Blog Shop” and you can order the CD or USB (if available) from us. We may not have the particular one you want in stock, but we can order it for you. Please give me a couple of days to get those products listed online. Also, it might take us a bit to get the product ordered and shipped, so please bear with us as we get our feet under us in this new venture! Downloading the designs will be quicker.

Everyone stay safe and healthy and remember,