A Green Mickey Mouse? Only in Rob Land!

by Cathy Ellsaesser, posted on

If you have ever been to a “What’s New Party” (formerly known as “Tech Party”), you know that Rob always tells the story of sewing out a green Mickey Mouse (with string!) For the more traditionalists among us, might I suggest investing in some Brother thread that is color matched to the Disney characters?

I was at the What’s New Party last week and Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum has some great deals on thread kits to sew out Disney characters in just the right colors. Act fast, though, as the “What’s New Party” sale ends on September 15.

Brother Thread Kits

Classic Disney

Photo of box of Classic Disney Brother Thread

The new  Disney Classic Brother Thread Kit comes with 24 spools containing 1,100 yards of 100% polyester, color fast, high shine, mini-king threads of select colors to embroider all of your favorite classic Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck and more!

Colors included are:

  • ETP001 White
  • ETP005 Silver
  • EPT010 Cream Brown
  • ETP017 Light Blue
  • ETP019 Sky Blue
  • ETP070 Cornflower Blue
  • ETP079 Salmon Pink
  • ETP085 Pink
  • ETP086 Deep Rose
  • ETP124 Fresh Pink
  • ETP205 Yellow
  • ETP208 Orange
  • ETP209 Tangerine
  • ETP214 Deep Gold
  • ETP307 Linen
  • ETP405 Blue
  • ETP507 Emerald Green
  • ETP513 Lime Green
  • ETP607 Wisteria Violet
  • ETP612 Lilac
  • ETP620 Magenta
  • ETP800 Red
  • ETP900 Black


Photo of Brother Thread set for Frozen characters

The Brother Thread Set for Frozen characters is here!  Embroider some of your favorite Frozen characters like Elsa, Olaf, Anna, Sven or Kristoff with the Brother Disney Frozen Embroidery Thread Set. This Disney thread set contains 24 Select Mini King Spools (1,100 yards).  The thread is 100% Color Fast Polyester, so when you embroider a child’s garment with these beautiful threads, they will hold their color beautifully through repeated washings.

The threads included in this set are:

  • ETP001 White
  • EPT005 Silver
  • EPT017 Light Blue
  • ETP019 Sky Blue
  • EPT030 Vermillion
  • EPT058 Dark Brown
  • EPT107 Dark Fushia
  • EPT126 Pumpkin
  • ETP307 Linen
  • EPT323 Light Brown
  • EPT328 Brass
  • EPT337 Reddish Brown
  • EPT339 Clay Brown
  • EPT348 Khaki
  • EPT425 Blue
  • EPT534 Teal Green
  • EPT607 Wisteria Violet
  • EPT704 Pewter
  • EPT707 Dark Grey
  • EPT804 Lavender
  • EPT 807 Carmine
  • EPT812 Cream Yellow
  • EPT869 Royal Purple
  • ETP900 Black


Photo of Brother thread for Marvel embroideriesMarvel has arrived! Check out some of the new Marvel designs and then embroider some of your favorite characters. Create color-true characters like Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Groot, Star-Lord and Rocket with the expansive Marvel Thread Kit! The set also comes with 24 colorful spools with 1,100 yards of 100% polyester, color fast, mini-king threads.

This set includes:

  • EPToo1 White
  • EPT005 Silver
  • EPT007 Prussian Blue
  • EPT107 Dark Fushia
  • EPT126 Pumpkin
  • EPT206 Harvest Gold
  • EPT208 Orange
  • EPT209 Tangerine
  • EPT307 Linen
  • EPT323 Light Brown
  • EPT333 Amber Red
  • ETP399 Warm Grey
  • EPT406 Ultramarine
  • EPT509 Leaf Green
  • EPT515 Moss Green
  • EPT517 Dark Olive
  • EPT607 Wisteria Violet
  • EPT613 Violet
  • EPT614 Purple
  • EPT704 Pewter
  • EPT707 Dark Grey
  • EPT800 Red
  • EPT817 Grey
  • EPT900 Black

Note that all of the thread numbers that start with EPT reflect the suggested colors to be used in the embroidery designs built into the Brother Disney machines. They are also listed in the sew out sheets of designs purchased for your Disney-capable Brother machine from iBroidery.

Don’t Be Like Rob

Rob sewed a green Mickey. Rob got laughed at. Don’t be like Rob. Get the right thread for the right character. Check out the specialty collections for classic Disney, Frozen and Marvel embroidery collections at your local Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum.  Remember, though, that the “What’s New Party” price ends September 15, 2017.