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Embroidery Designs

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Shop thousands of embroidery designs on Rocky Mountain Sewing & Vacuum’s Embroidery Online site. You can even download your designs right at home!

Click on the image below or here to shop OESD designs online.


Rocky Mountain Sewing & OESD are so excited to announce the new MONTHLY SPREE Club option. This new option allows you to pay monthly for all the amazing new releases from OESD and Scissortail Stitches.  

For a limited time, get the Monthly OESD SPREE club for a reduced price!

OESD Spree Monthly sign up

To sign up for Monthly SPREE Club, click this link to go directly to the OESD website to sign up!

To sign up for Yearly SPREE Club, click this link to download the form, fill it out and send it to Rob a

Here’s how the Monthly subscription works:

  • NOW only $64.99 (was $89) gets you all the brand new OESD and Scissortail Stitches new releases for the month. (That’s over 75% off the cost of buying each collection separately!!)
  • Around the 10th of every month you will receive an email with a sneak peek of the following month’s club. If you don’t want to receive the next month’s club, just let OESD know by the 14th. 
  • OESD will process your payment on the 14th of every month. 
  • Around the 20th of every month, OESD ships the following month’s club to our store for pickup! 

How the Yearly Spree Club Works:

  • You get 12 months of SPREE Club with 15 bonus collections for only $999.
  • Around the 20th of every month, we ship the following month’s club to Rocky Mountain Sewing for pickup!

And now for OESD’s AMAZING design lineup that you will not want to miss…

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