Embellish Thread

Rocky Mountain Sewing is proud to offer these Embellish Threads:

Embellish Flawless Thread

Embellish Flawless Thread – the 60wt line of polyester thread from RNK, inspired by Hope Yoder! This high-sheen polyester thread (1000m a spool) is perfect for fine embroidery that requires precise stitching!  Whether you are taking on small lettering and detailed motifs, or using delicate fabrics, this is the perfect thread for flawless creations! Comes in 120 beautiful colors!

Embellish Matte Threads

Embellish Matte Threads bring new life to all your designs! From RNK and inspired by Hope Yoder, comes a new line of 1000 meter spool thread, Polyester with a Matte Finish!  The raw yarn of our matte thread is made with a ceramic ingredient, giving this 40 wt thread beautifully contrasting effects when compared to normal polyester, while keeping the same high tensile strength.  This allows you to bring new life to old poly designs, without having to change your digitizing settings! Try all 130 colors of the Embellish Matte Thread

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