Shiny and Bright: A Mylar Embroidery Christmas Moose

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I was in the Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum Littleton store the other day and saw that Lynn, the manager, had stocked some Mylar. Yippee! Mylar is durable, doesn’t shrink or stretch, and is food safe, it has many uses. When used in specially-created Mylar embroidery designs, Mylar adds a delightful shimmer and shine. Mylar […]

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Coming Soon: Anita’s University, October 14 – 15

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Knock, Knock. Who’s there? Anita. Anita who? Anita Goodesign!   We all need good embroidery designs and designs from Anita Goodesign are simply fabulous. What better way to sample their designs than to attend Anita’s University?  We hope you will attend this two-day event at the Denver Mart Saturday and Sunday, October 14 – 15, from 9 […]

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How to Make Printable Fabric

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Cl;ose up of photo of printed fabric of bear fishing. Printed on marbled printable cotton fabric

Do you have a favorite photograph (or two) that you’d like to incorporate in a quilt? Do you want to embroider one of the Anita Goodesign collections that use printed fabric? If so, you could buy sheets of paper-backed printable fabric. or you can make your own with a fabric of your choice. Commercially available printable […]

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September Sew Fun

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September Sew Fun We had some really great Sew Fun projects demonstrated last month. To see the projects made and shown by Tracey, and the beautiful creations shown by our customers in “show and tell”, check out our Facebook photos. Now, another month has come and gone, Fall is in the air, and we are […]

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Scan N Cut2 Firmware Update

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Research and development into new hardware may take months or years from concept to market. Despite that, once a new piece of equipment is on the market, the manufacturer receives many suggestions for improvement from users.  Often the manufacturers can incorporate those improvements in a firmware update for the equipment.  In line with this thinking, […]

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In a Bind About Binding: How to Make Continuous Bias Binding

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In my previous blog, In a Bind About Binding: Three Ways to Cut Fabric Binding Strips, I described three ways to cut fabric to create binding. Bias binding came out as the “binding champion” in terms of functionality (can be sewn on a curve) and durability (more threads on the fold of the binding). If […]

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Don’t Get Ruffled, Get Ruffling: Gather Fabric Using a Serger

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Christmas skirt made by using serger to gather fabric

In a previous blog, Specialty Sewing Machine Feet for Gathering Fabric, I took some pictures and linked to a couple of videos of using special sewing machine feet to create gathers and ruffles.  In this blog, I will show you how to gather fabric using a serger. You’ve probably noticed that I use the words […]

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Don’t Get Your Tinsel in a Tangle: Embroidering With Metallic Thread

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Photo of greenapron with upside down penguin. Parts of design have been embroidered with metallic thread

Shiny, sparkly, reflective and eye-catching, metallic thread evokes elegance. It is especially beautiful in Christmas embroidery designs like these from the Anita Goodesign “Christmas Classics” collection. Metallic thread also makes a great addition to other designs, either as a feature of the design like the unicorn below or an accent of sparkly stars by a […]

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Thanksgiving Cutwork Tea Towel With Hemstitching

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Photo of finished cutwork tea towel

In my last blog, Pillow Talk: Cording and Invisible Zippers, I used a piece of linen that had been embroidered with reverse cutwork. I usually use cutwork to make linen tea towels, so I thought I’d show you how I make those. With the holidays coming up, you can decorate your kitchen or bath with […]

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