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“ette” is often used to form nouns meaning a smaller form of something. For this blog, the something is Bernina Sewing Machines, and the “ette” is the line of bernette machines that we are proud to carry at Rocky Mountain Sewing and Vacuum.

These small, but mighty, machines are feature-packed and perfect to take with you to class, to your quilt club, or when travelling.

Here’s a run down of just a few of the bernettes we have in stock.

bernette Funlock 44

I know I absolutely couldn’t get by without my serger. If you make any garments at all, I think sergers are a must. Got a fabric that unravels easily? A serger can fix that problem for you if a jiff. Want to quickly make some rolled hem napkins? Then a serger is for you.

The bernette Funlock 44 offers numerous practical functions, giving you a straightforward introduction to overlocking. With 15 stitches, it provides a set of stitches that allows you to do all types of overlock sewing. It is easy to thread the looper and needle by following the colored markings. Easily adjust stitch widths with one hand with the knife drive. The bright LED light also provides good visibility. Finally, the b44 is quick, sewing up to 1300 stitches per minute.

bernette Funlock 44

Beautiful Overlock Seams

The bernette Funlock 44 is easy to operate, even for beginners, because the 15 different stitches with 2, 3, or 4 threads ensure maximum flexibility when selecting stitches. At the same time, you always achieve a professional stitch quality. In addition to the 2, 3 and 4-thread seams, excellent rolled hems with a width of up to 1.5 mm are possible.

stitch settings knob on bernette funlock 44

Threading Made Simple

close up of threading loopers on the funlock 44

The color-coded, open thread path makes the bernette Funlock 44 easy to thread by following the colored markings. A separate needle threader and lower looper threading mechanism also make threading easier.

Plenty of Space for Your Accessories

Built in accessory tray on the Funlock 44

The most important overlocker accessories are always at hand in the looper cover. A separate box provides storage for other accessories.

Precise and Flexible Overlocking

Close up of presser foot on  funlock 44

With the bernette Funlock 44, your sewing is always uniform, even at 1,300 stitches per minute. The overlocker even sews and cuts thicker fabric with ease and precision, in a single step. The seam allowances cut off during sewing drop into the waste collector that comes with the bernette Funlock 44.

What is the Differential Feed For?

Differential feed knob on bernette funlock 44

The differential feed always ensures smooth seams with knitted fabrics and crimp-free seams with fine fabrics. Adjust the setting between 0.6 and 2, and create deliberate crimping for decorative ruffles.


photo of bernette 7 sewing machine

The Bernette 77 is an affordable sewing machine with lots of extras! The b77 focuses exclusively on sewing and quilting .

Get creative and sew your own clothes, quilts, or accessories. Discover new stitches and sewing techniques with this easy-to-use computerized sewing machine.

Sew a delicate chiffon dress or a fine leather clutch. No worries, with the b77 it’s simple to work with all kinds of materials .

Even quilt several layers with an impressive stitch quality. Enjoy the countless creative possibilities of the b77, and get inspired for your next make!

5-inch Color Touchscreen for Easy Navigation

photo of bernette 77 sewing machine touch screen

The center positioned touchscreen and multi-function knobs make navigation easy as pie. Find and personalize the right stitch and optimize the thread tension. Quickly change the stitch length or width via the multi-function knobs, even while sewing. Access the creative consultant for advice on the best stitch for your chosen fabric.

Bright and Spacious for Fast and Accurate Sewing

photo of bernette 7 sewing machine

You won’t be left in the dark with the four bright LEDs lighting up the sewing area offering you 230 mm (9″) of space right of the needle.

The slide-on free arm extension table gives you extra space and comfort for large sewing or quilting projects.

Dual Feed for Even Fabric Feed

photo of bernette 7 sewing machine close view of foot

The easy-to-engage, integrated Dual Feed makes sure that all kinds of materials are evenly fed from above and below. While it’s excellent for sewing several layers, it’s also great on smooth and fine materials. As a result, there’s no more slipping of layers or puckering of seams.

Tie-off Function and Automatic Thread Cutter

photo of various buttons on the bernette 77

With the automatic tie-off function, you no longer have to stitch backwards to prevent the seam from unravelling. Simply press the tie-off button at the end of the seam. Next, touch the automatic thread cutter button, to cut the threads and finish your seam!

You want it even faster? Program these functions for your foot control with back-kick function. Tap your heel once, the seam is automatically finished, and the threads cut off!

More Convenient Sewing

photo of the b79 embroidery only machine automatic threading

With the semi-automatic needle threader threading is a breeze. The machine automatically lowers the presser foot is automatically to the correct position. In addition, the additional thread cutter holds the thread in place for you. The knee lever for raising or lowering the presser foot makes your sewing even more comfortable, as your hands are free to guide the fabric.

Decorative and Quilting Stitches for Magical Embellishments

photo of bernette 7 sewing machine stiches

Of course, you can hem and zigzag stitch with the b77, sew stretchy t-shirt fabrics, and even choose between 17 buttonholes. But there is much more than just the utility stitches: create truly exiting embellishments with 133 decorative and 35 quilting stitches. Save your individual stitch settings in your personal memory for future projects.

The Right Presser Foot for Any Application

photo of bernette 7 sewing machine feet

You get eight presser foot soles with your Bernette 77. Select the appropriate presser foot according to fabric or project. For example, you can choose the zigzag foot for zigzag stitches, the embroidery foot for your decorative stitches and the automatic buttonhole foot with slide for your buttonholes. Accomplish your sewing project quickly and with excellent stitch quality with the appropriate foot. The convenient presser foot recommendation indicates the best presser foot for the chosen stitch.

Bernette 79

The b79 is the top of line model. This two-in-one machine combines all the sewing functions of the b77 described above with the embroidery perks of the b70 DECO. It offers everything a creator needs!

Newbies, never fear, this machine is so simple to use. Become the maker you’ve always wanted to be in no time. This attractively-priced sewing and embroidery, computerized machine is perfect for everyone. It’s incredibly easy to use, offers a wide range of functions and lets you be your most creative.

bernette 79 Embroidery Features

Embroidery Module with Three Different-sized Hoops and Hoop Detection

photo of bernette 79 sewing embroidery machine hoops

With three hoops included, it is easy to find the right hoop for each size of your embroidery designs. Embroider motifs up to 260 x 160 mm (10″ x 6″) without re-hooping. The hoops are easy to open and close with a quick release system . Optimally adapt your embroidery design with the automatic hoop detection.

Creative Possibilities With Embroidery Designs

photo of the b79 built-in embroidery designs

With 208 embroidery designs and 7 embroidery alphabets installed, a wide selection of motifs is at your fingertips. Edit the motifs on the touch screen. Easily rotate, flip, or combine design elements.

Want something truly yours? Upload your own embroidery motifs or motifs you edited and combined in your BERNINA Toolbox software via USB flash drive. The b79 is compatible with most embroidery design formats – no need to convert files in a software program anymore.


Bernina Toolbox software

Go creative with the Lettering and Editing modules and 300 additional embroidery designs and 100 additional fonts included. Each module has a large selection of embroidery motifs to download from the BERNINA Cloud. Why, you can even edit the embroidery motifs directly in the cloud, using your tablet or laptop.

For the Best Sewing and Embroidery Results

Close up of needlle plate and presser foot on bernette 79

Sew beautiful decorative stitches with a stitch width of up to 7 mm. Also, the straight stitch plate comes as standard accessory with the b79 – for impeccable embroidery results. Your machine automatically detects the stitch plate used. In addition, it shows you all the compatible needles and automatically adapts the stitch width range.

Want More Information?

Check out our website for more available models and give us a call or stop in any of our four locations for more information. I bet we have just what your looking for!